Aspen Holiday For Tommy, Thalia… And Mariah?

The New York Post hears that Tommy Mottola and both his current wife and ex-wife Mariah Carey will be in Aspen over the holidays, keeping their distance.

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9 thoughts on “Aspen Holiday For Tommy, Thalia… And Mariah?

  1. getalifeyall says:

    I’m sure both Tommy and Thalia will be hitting Mariah Carey up for some ideas. Thalia’s highly anticipated CD flopped here and I’m sure old man Matola is kicking himself after losing one of the most talented, beautiful women in the world.

  2. Madfan says:

    “I’m sure both Tommy and Thalia will be hitting Mariah Carey up for some ideas”… ON how to make MORE and continuous flops. Don’t forget, idiot: Mariah Carey is THE one and only Queen of Flops! Flop after flop after flop….

  3. Kizzardkid says:

    Mariah is always in CO for the holidays, but for MadFan, shut the ph** up a-hole! You need to stop paying attention to Mariah if you think she sucks, which she doesn’t that girl is awesome, there will never be anyone like “The Best Selling Female Artist EVER”!!

    You love her, you know you do, otherwise you wouldn’t talk about her soo damn much

  4. monarc20 says:

    Tommy is such a Stoker he know Aspen is Where Mariah goes every Christmas so why would he go there with his new 24 year old wife. maybe he’s hoping Mariah will be recording there so he can pay people off to spy on her and steal her song’s to give to his untalented Wife like he did for J-Ho in 2001.

  5. dada says:

    looks like the old ***** motolla wants to run his ass up to MC’s business again. Well it won’t matter anymore. Madfan…i feel so sorry for you. Without you bashing Mariah, you have no sense in this world

  6. Jive says:

    Thalia is actually a talented Spanish singer and soap star. But she should stick to that ’cause she’ll never be better than Mariah and how stupid is Tommy Motolla or did Mariah divorce Tommy. Who cares anyway, Mariah is the best!

  7. JLOVER101 says:

    Why did this get posted? Does anyone actually give a damn about Thalia? Half the people on here don’t even know who that talentless, gold-diggin’, Jennifer wannabe is.

  8. mikemc says:

    Tommy is so sad, he’s desperately trying to create another Mariah for himself, but that fake Latina b!tch will NEVER come close to Mariah!!!!! You haters can call Mariah a flop if you want, but at least Mariah’s new albums all go MULTI-PLATINUM, Thalia’s album came out and debuted mediocre and fell over 60 spots the next week, I think it was in the top 200 for like 3 weeks!!!! Poor Tommy and Thalia, stalking Mariah is so pathetic, they need to get their own vacation spot, considering Mariah’s been going to Aspen for like 5 years now, and now all of a sudden Tommy and Thalia get a cabin there, they are so desperate.

  9. monarc20 says:

    Mariah’s on the biggest and most successful tur of her Career. Plus her Album “Charmbraclet” has sold 5 million Copy’s World Wide. Not to menchin she been getting lot’s of Moive offer’s and she’s going to be in a major play in London.

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