At A Time Like This…

Contributed by ChicaXO:

What is WRONG with you people?!!! Why don’t you take a step back for a second & LOOK AT YOURSELVES?!!! Do you NOT see it?!! Do you NOT see how ignorant you are being??!! It absolutely BLOWS MY MIND!! ESPECIALLY at a time like this!! (9/11 & all…) Instead of celebrating the life that you HAVE, you continue to be BITTER, & filled with HATE!! It is SO incredibly SICK!! I HATE that I live in a world like this.. where the HUMAN BEINGS are the ones that are destroying it!! Why is it SO difficult to just look at the POSITIVE side of things instead of focusing on ONLY the negative?!! You have SO MUCH to appreciate in this world!! But, NOPE! Instead, you want to be completely hostile & belligerent & ARGUE about how you think is a whore…and Britney Spears is a slut… etc.etc. & that is the LEAST of it! You continue to go on to insult them as well as their FANS, calling them names that I couldn’t even IMAGINE calling someone! (especially someone you don’t even KNOW!)

I just can NOT understand, for the life of me, WHY you people are contained with SO much EVILness?! AND then I get to look forward to the day that I have children, that I will someday ‘attempt’ to raise with genuine morals, that will grow up with the children you people are having while you’re teaching them YOUR FU**ED up ways of life?!!!

That alone makes me wish this world would come to an end.. As sad as that is! I would rather not be alive at all, than live in a world where you people are doing nothing but contributing your hatred to this world… There is no hope…

People, please just TRY to not let stupid petty little things as in ‘who is more sluttier than who’ run your lives! Focus on the positive! NO TWO people will constantly have the same opinions… Why try to have everyone see ‘YOUR way’? Instead, broaden your views & be a bit more open~minded.. If more people took this advice, this world would be that much better…

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9 thoughts on “At A Time Like This…

  1. ih8nerds says:

    Although I do agree with you on certain aspects (i.e. the pettiness of name calling), I must say that if ever there was a poster child for Ritalin – it’s you. In English: Calm down.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    Just because we come on here and bicker about celebrities doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the beauty of life and the joy of it. I believe most of us choose to be on here because we have something on our minds about a certain celebrity that we want off our chest. Sure, lots of it are negative and some is positive, but it doesn’t mean that with each pitiful comment or opinion that it’s decreasing the joy and passion that I am sure each one of us has for our own lives. So to the person that took the heart to write their opinion, you shouldn’t make it so hard on yourself, the world is far more worse than the comments that get sent in this room everyday.

    “I just can NOT understand, for the life of me, WHY you people are contained with SO much EVILness?! AND then I get to look forward to the day that I have children, that I will someday ‘attempt’ to raise with genuine morals, that will grow up with the children you people are having while you’re teaching them YOUR FU**ED up ways of life?!!!” Okay, about that comment, you can’t blame us, our lives, or the whole world for that matter for the poor moralistic values that are accumulating in this world everyday. The way you’re gonna raise your children someday is all gonna take place in the light of god, nothing and nobody in the world can take their piece of sky by love, wisdom, hope, and courage. Our lives are not gonna revolve around your future children one day, only yours is. And like I said before, just because many people (and myself) state sometimes positive and negative opinions, doesn’t mean our life is messed up. If you are that hurt about the world, turn to God, and be more positive, because obviously, even though your comment was honest, it was too negative. Learn to be more peaceful and positive minded. THEN maybe you will realize that it’s not the world that’s messed up in morals and values, it’s the people.

    In my opinion, the world has always been perfect, beautiful, and far more superior than any human that has ever roamed on this earth. It’s the people, us human beings, that have made changes for the common good, the holy good, the handsome good, and the triumphant good that made miracles of science, music, art, invention, mathematics, and so much more. But with our abilities to enhance our mind greater than any animal on this earth, we have the power to not only love, but to hate, sometimes with a passion that could kill. The comments here aren’t the least bit that evil to be compared to the REAL world. These are just comments, made by people, holding a certain personality on its own. Not a single person on here has KILLED, SLAUGHTERED, MURDERED, OR RAPED ANYBODY’S LIFE BY JUST MAKING AN OPINION ON THE COMPUTER. Those actions (outside of the computer) happens in the real world. THAT’S PURE EVIL. Don’t come on here and think that these comments define how cruel some people can be on this earth. Take the time to watch the news and really really notice what goes on in this world that has very crazy and incredibly evil people on it.

  3. BroadmindedMusic says:

    I honestly don’t take any negative comments on here that seriously. What America DID give us is Freedom of Speech and that is what people are using. What I DO care about at a time like this are physical threats to our country. What happens on a website like Popdirt is nothing compared to what happened on September 11th.

  4. single_female_lawyer says:

    Chica honey I agree that the world is messed up right now when has it ever been perfect? but some people don’t know the meaning of open-minded to save they lives.and it is just the way it is.and I’ve learned to just accept that things are just the way it is. Human Beings can be very ignorant and stupid and it s just the way a person is. but these people are to far up their favorite artists ass to see that some people may not like em’. and why don’t they just go to forums with other people who alike the artists, I don’t know. but the best thing to do is just not read what they say, it works for me. and if it bothers you don’t come here the news is from the gay us weekly and the mirror and all the other gay ass tabloids that are fake. is just not worth your precious time. the people are gay too so that’s why I don’t come here anymore, but whatever.

  5. HoneyRain says:

    LOL.. look at all us ignorant hostile hypocrites agreeing with what she’s saying.. I agree as well.. and while everything you’re saying is right.. it WILL NOT MAKE IT STOP.. I wish it would but it won’t because all it takes is ONE rude comment and it’s a chain reaction from there.. you mentioned us being humans and that we’re destroying the world.. great point.i think humans are the most IN humane, hateful and destructive beings on earth.. but again. it’s not going to stop, especially on a bullsh** site like this that’s main goal is to ridicule entertainers.. (notice most news submitted is negative)

  6. Stallion says:

    Please popdirt is the last place to go to have an intelligent conversation about Britney Spear and Christina Aguilera there are so many people here on popdirt that think both of these artist are nothing more than just a slut. If you want to have a nice conversation about Britney Spear or Christina Aguilera just go to a fan website. Popdirt is where fans of both artist battle it out. I know that popdirt was intended to become a battlefield but it is. I’m NEVER going to stop dissing the Backstreet Boys and people are never going to stop dissing Britney Spear or Christina Aguilera on this website. If you’re lucky you might be able to have a few articles with out haters respond but just a FEW

  7. ChicaXO says:

    ^^ For you guys to say that I have contributed to the name~calling is incredibly incorrect!! I would not sit there & name call etc… & then take the time to write this post… I HAVE posted in the past, getting angry at people for calling others names & calling so&so a whore..etc… & therefore posting ‘negative’ things as you insist.. But NEVER to the extent of what most of you people write!! There was even someone yesterday who claimed that they wish the world trade centers were up so they can PRAY that ‘so&so’ was in it when it collapsed!! WHAT?!! I don’t really think that these arguments CAUSE people to be F*cked up people… But it DOES start somewhere…!! & saying the things that you people say.. obviously there is SOMETHING wrong INSIDE, that, who knows, MAY cause a murder, etc.. someday! & I AM at peace with myself! I DO try my best to be positive & LOVE LIFE… but when I read what some of you say, it hurts that more people AREN’T more full of love… I don’t think the world is a horrible place… but the PEOPLE in the world are slowly making it that way.

  8. babet says:

    ok…….WTF! I don’t think anybody here takes the hateful stuff other people say seriously……at least I don’t. I don’t care. if it was said to my face it would be different……..but its on the internet. its not like when I go tell someone to go f**k themselves….they’re actually gonna do it. I know that they don’t take it seriously……and in like…..10 min….i forget what they said. you forget that this is popdirt…and that everyone here is entitled to their opinion and has the freedom to write whatever they want….on POP MUSIC. that’s what this site is for. we’re not here to discuss 9/11…..there are other sites for that. and not all of us spend 24/7 on this site. we do do other things….. its no big deal.

  9. XTremeKaos says:

    I agree with the things that babet said above. I think its a waste of time to get upset over the things that are said on Popdirt and take anything seriously. This is only a website and I would say 99% of us come on here for pure entertainment reasons. If you really have a problem, you should leave. Because the fighting isn’t gonna stop, no matter what you say, because that’s just what it is. I wouldn’t in a million years go up to someone and call them whore, or a slut, etc., because that is not in my nature. And for the record, I DO appreciate life. I love my life and that I live in this country, and I’m offended that just because I like to joke around, that you would suggest otherwise. You are not in any of our minds, and you don’t know how we think, and to judge a major group of people over the internet based on a few stupid comments its ridiculous.

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