Atlanta Just Says No To ‘The Kiss’

A radio station in Atlanta recently put up a billboard featuring and kissing, only to later remove it after people bombarded the station, 96-Rock, with complaints. Station spokesman Scott Baker told Jeannette Walls of, “The billboard was pushing the edge, but I didn’t think it was offensive, but we got calls from area residents who passed by the board who were expressing their discontent that they were having to have uncomfortable conversations with their children and just felt it was morally offensive.” Back in August, the Atlanta Journal Constitution came under fire for putting the photo on their front page, causing a flood of complaints and a later apology from the paper’s editor. Read more.

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7 thoughts on “Atlanta Just Says No To ‘The Kiss’

  1. outrageous4u says:

    The kiss is old news people get over it.

  2. jimmypee says:

    Damn that must have been awful having to see a huge billboard with a picture of that skanky old face….and Madonna doesn’t look too good either

  3. iverson_babygurl_3 says:

    It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that was gonna happen. ATL ain’t too fond of lip-synching pop sluts. actually they’re not too fond of pop, period. it’s all about the dirty south down and hip-hop down there.

  4. sunchick05 says:

    This isn’t cool. Atlanta, GA is where I stay and that’s not right. so what it’s in the paper and on a billboard. who gives a damn, you don’t want to see it then don’t look at it! as many gay people as there are in Atlanta why don’t they say something to their defense? Oh well… it’s not that serious anyways.

  5. musikluver says:

    Well.. I live in Atlanta as well , and I just don’t get why 96 rock would use Madonna and Britney as promotion for their “rock” station.. and what does two women kissing have to do with a radio station anyway… but I guess it worked though, now 96rock is in everybody’s mind and on the news… anyway.. its typical of surrounding counties like MARIETTA and others to act this way,, they all act like they have higher morals than anyone yet you will find the all in the sex clubs and nightclubs in Atlanta living it up and then in church on Sunday morning making a fool outta themselves preaching how wrong everything is when they were out the night before doing the same thing… typical bible belt Georgia thinking!

  6. FaustoAguilera says:

    Gee I wonder why Christina wasn’t in the picture. Guess it’s because she’s a nobody and she put on a forgettable performance. She’s really going downhill lately. Too bad her record company dropped her because Stripped FLOPPED!

  7. Cicero says:

    What?? Her record company dropped her, or are you just predicting something you hope?

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