Atlantic City Audience Makes Justin Bieber Feel At Home

Justin Bieber 'Somebody To Love' video shoot

checked in with his Twitter followers (@justinbieber) moments ago, talking about not Tweeting much on Friday and getting a warm reception from the audience during his show at Boardwalk Hall Arena in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Canadian pop singer writes:

Sorry I didn’t tweet alot yesterday… was exhausted. But I actually got to meet an incredible family and a strong special young girl, then…

Then I did the best interview I have ever done… the lady actually talked to me instead of talking at me. She had a conversation with me

And then after being so tired I couldn’t see straight, and being a little sick, I got on stage and ATLANTIC CITY you made me feel at home….

My fans were my chicken soup according to @scooterbraun. Either way it felt great and then jumped on a plane to the left coast

Big weekend ahead. But until then I’m #sooo tired and gonna pass out. Goodnight ladies. #sweetdreams ;)

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2 thoughts on “Atlantic City Audience Makes Justin Bieber Feel At Home

  1. spandana says:

    Hi. Justin am not your fan
    I love you
    I wanna chat with you…..
    I wanna see you

  2. Hamiat says:

    Hi jb um good singer too what should i do

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