Atomic Kitten ‘Ladies Night’ Video

Atomic Kitten 'Ladies Night' album cover

are out with the video for their remake of Kool & the Gang’s disco hit ‘Ladies Night’, the title track to the British pop girl group’s third studio album, out now on Virgin Records. Watch the video at YouTube.

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8 thoughts on “Atomic Kitten ‘Ladies Night’ Video

  1. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    Like anyone cares about them. Even Briton’s hate them, and they’re from England.

  2. Cicero says:

    Why doesn’t the poster “atomickitten” ever post in these articles, anyway? I’ve seen one of this group’s videos. They’re absolutely awful. A bunch of older women acting like 17-year-olds, who can’t sing at all, who aren’t that attractive, and who can’t dance. Absolutely pointless.

  3. dum_BLONDE says:

    What makes you think *BRITAIN’S* don’t like them? I know of plenty of British people who adore A.K…I think they’re great.

  4. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    The fact that their last album bombed… Britain. And BTW, in America, we sometimes call British people *Britons*. You can think they’re great all you want, but the truth is, these whores suck.

  5. dum_BLONDE says:

    Well you can think they suck all you want, but the truth is, that’s still just an opinion.

  6. atomickitten says:

    1) they ARE hot (in many people’s opinions) 2) they sing LIVE in concert 3) their new album did VERY well 4) what the f-ck? That is the first time I heard Americans calling Britain Briton, you’re flat out dumb 5) they’re better than that lip syncing slut Britney EAT MY WARM CRAP YOU DUMB AMERICANS (I’m American, by the way. But some of you are so stupid)

    Americans are so ignorant SO because they’re British, that MUST mean they suck, right? I know that’s what you fat cows are thinking, just die!

  7. Jays says:

    I know for a fact that Americans are ignorant. I have been there. I live in Australia. I’ve also been to the UK and I find the people there are much nicer. Americans just want to take control of the world… because they think they’re the best and that everything American is cool. AK are fantastic!

  8. fighter4xtina says:

    How can I break it to ya? 1. Their videos are boring! 2. Most of the singles they released have been covers 3. They are only doing KINDA good because they look good, they don’t feel music, they don’t write REAL stuff 4. Don’t even say that they don’t lip sync a-hole!

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