Atomic Kitten’s Bra Burning Bash After Boob Job

The Sun reports that after of had her breasts boosted from a B to a D cup, finally giving her the figure she wants, she asked pals to go to her house to watch her undies go up in smoke. One revealed, “It was very funny and a great way of marking the end of her days with a flat chest.”

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7 thoughts on “Atomic Kitten’s Bra Burning Bash After Boob Job

  1. Misty83 says:

    What’s wrong with having a B cup!?

  2. brizzitney says:

    I agree!! I have a AA cup and I’m not going to stoop to the low level of getting implants.

  3. sddirrtyblond says:

    how is it stooping to a low level? I got them a year ago and it gave me the figure I always wanted so I know where that chick is coming from. There’s nothing wrong with having a small chest but I myself hated having one so much that I got implants so my body is more proportional.(and their not the big fake ones either!)

  4. shayne says:

    that’s so stupid. it shows that some people have more money than brains. she can do what she wants, but don’t come on TV like Pam Anderson or Chyna with a big sob story about how your implants leaked. I am a size B and wanted implants until I looked at the facts. at least 78% will leak within 3-5 years of breast augmentation. Do you know what kind of stress must be on your body (and wallet) to repeat the procedure every 3-5 years?!?! wake up girls! its called self respect and a push up/gel bra.

  5. sddirrtyblond says:

    first look at how ridiculously huge Pamela and Chyna’s breast were. they looked like cartoon characters so of course they leaked. that was too much stress on their bodies. second, the surgery itself hurt less and I recovered faster than when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. people do a lot worse to their bodies everyday like smoking,drinking,drugs,extreme dieting. I promise you mine are not oversize and look totally natural :)

  6. ChicaXO says:

    If you are happy with your AA cups, then good for you!! Too bad there are not more people like you.. But for you to insult & say ‘it’s stooping to a low level’.. that is just WRONG & SO unnecessary!! It is a PERSONAL choice & someone shouldn’t be judged by what the choose to do to their OWN bodies!.. ~XO

    “People do a lot worse to their bodies everyday like smoking,drinking,drugs,extreme dieting!” AMEN to THAT!!~ & you shouldn’t feel the need to promise that yours aren’t ‘big & fake looking’! It’s your body & if you wanted HUGE boobs, that is your decision! ~XO

  7. HoneyRain says:

    makes me glad I was blessed with ’em big :) I didn’t pay one penny for mine lol

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