Atomic Kitten’s Liz And Jenny Land Quick Solo Deals

The Sun reports stars and both signed one album solo deals at EMI worth $450,000 just hours after they announced their split. The pair won’t be on the same EMI-owned label though, with Liz expected to remain with the Kittens’ old label Innocent, while Jenny moves to Parlophone. “EMI are confident there is enough of a fan base for them both to do well. But the girls couldn’t both stay on Innocent because there would be a conflict of interests,” a source close to the two said. “Jenny wants to do more grown-up stuff and her sexy image will help. Dom will help get her credibility in clubs. Liz is taking less of a risk. She’s known as the straight-laced one from Atomic Kitten so that’s the road that she will go down as a solo artist.”

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