Atomic Kitten’s Liz Says Reality Pop Stars Have It Rough

Top of the Pops caught up with of and asked the singer if she felt like they had to work much harder than her reality TV popstar counterparts. “No! I think it’s harder for people who do the reality TV shows because I don’t think they’re given enough credit in the end,” she explained. “They have fame very quickly, I mean we worked for over three years before we had any proper fame. I think they’re put up on pedestals really fast and then they’re dragged back down again even faster. I just think it’s really sad sometimes for them. A lot of people I’ve seen, like and that, they are incredibly talented. They’re doing good, which I’m pleased about. But you get all kinds of talented people in it and they get put down a lot, and that’s not very nice.”

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2 thoughts on “Atomic Kitten’s Liz Says Reality Pop Stars Have It Rough

  1. XxmissyxX says:

    Yeah! like my fave o-town….they hit it big for a year and were pretty damn popular (i think so)….but they’ve disappeared this year. =( they are good but don’t deserve enough credit. sigh. I still luv em tho!

  2. ok says:

    The reason they don’t get credit is because they aren’t that talented and are very disposable but so are Atomic Kitten so it doesn’t matter how these people get in the industry they are all pretty rubbish and don’t deserve credit

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