Atomic Liz On Life Without Kittens

Former Atomic Kitten spoke with The Mirror about life after the girl group split as well as her own split with star last year. “It’s all change,” Liz says. “There’s no band and no boyfriend. I couldn’t be happier. Or more scared… I go between the two.” Soon she’ll be flying to Nashville to team up with some of the world’s top songwriters and put the finishing touches to her solo album. “I’ve got so many choices to make now that it’s scary,” she admits. “I’ve had five years’ experience, and people think I have good business sense already but that’s not the case. I just want to write songs and sing and my manager can take care of the details. Now that I am on my own I can’t share the decisions with two other girls and I really do feel that weight on me. I find all that really stressful … and very exciting.”

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