Aussie Musician Jams With Ricky Martin

Australian percussionist and music teacher Michael Carmona’s career reached a new high earlier this month when he was invited to play with for promotional gigs on television programs Rove Live and Micallef Tonight. “Ricky Martin’s percussionist has to be able to do all independent stuff,” Michael told Matt Cunningham of Berwick News. “You might be playing congas with your left hand and bells with your right.” Michael describes Martin as a good, down to earth guy.
“He’s got this air about him when he walks that I suppose he has to have, but he’s a really nice guy,” he said.

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5 thoughts on “Aussie Musician Jams With Ricky Martin

  1. Mehrunisa says:

    Every one who worked with Ricky, from the legends like Pavarotti, Madonna, Sting to the musicians and dancers, all of them like Ricky and praise him as a great and humble guy that lights up the room with his charisma when he walks in… If Ricky chose this Michael to play for him, then he must be good because Ricky’s music and sounds are complex. Congratulations to him!

  2. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    You forgot to add Christina. ;-D

  3. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    ok, and Christina too. But she is sometimes does not return the favor and does not speak very kindly about him as he talks about her. And Xtina-Dirrty, you do know how to be polite, if you want to… That’s nice.

  4. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Duh?! Don’t take those Ricky jokes that I’ve said before personally. I really don’t hate Ricky at all. Actually I liked him before when he did that duet with Christina. If you haven’t noticed I stopped on making fun of Ricky. Oh about the Christina-Ricky thing, um lets just leave that up to the both of them, can we? Wow, I was surprised by your response by the way, you’re nice, eh? I thought you’re gonna diss me by saying ‘Christina is not a legend’ or something like that. I guess first impression really can be wrong. Anyways, PEACE!

  5. Mehrunisa says:

    I don’t take the bad things said about Ricky personally, but I do hate it when some people just let their rude mouths go with out control and with out any reason. If you really like Ricky, then you had a very strange way showing it. I did notice that you stopped dissing Ricky and I appreciate it. And I hope that others, like brownsuga for example, will follow your example. There is no need to make fun and diss any artist, really. Each and every one of them tries to express themselves and do what they love. Isn’t it better to enjoy the music and give props to artists than to throw garbage at them? I AM nice, and I would never go into any story and start making fun and bad mouth the artist or his fans. I only said those things about Christina to let you have a dose of your own medicine. Your comments about Ricky made me so angry and I let myself to be drawn into those stupid arguments. I do like Christina’s music and her voice. I think that she does have a great talent and I have 2 of her CDs. I don’t appreciate the way she dresses lately but that’s another story… LOL I’m glad that we cleaned up the atmosphere. :o)

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