Australia Smittens Kittens

On a promotional tour in Australia, plan to bring their families down under to celebrate New Year. “I’m coming back with my family to party. I love this place and the people in it,” group member Liz McClarnon tells AAP.

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3 thoughts on “Australia Smittens Kittens

  1. Jays says:

    Go AK!!!! They seemed to love Australia when I heard them on the radio and saw them on TV. And Australia definitely loves them!!! They’re so HOT! Liz might be back because Kian from Westlife is coming down here too :)

  2. jel says:

    I agree with ya Jays, but I think Liz and Kian hate each other after a lovers spat. Kian’s coming for a holiday. We should station ourselves all over the country and keep ears open to notice where he is.

  3. Whatomat says:

    One of the blonde girls in Atomic Kitten looks like a pitbull, thank god you don’t have to see their faces in the US. I think Sugababes are the much cooler British girl group and the more talented.

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