Authorities Push For Murder Charge In Michael Jackson Overdose?

Michael Jackson’s music promoter pal Terry Harvey spoke with News of the World about what he’s heard following the pop star’s death last month. Harvey claims authorities are trying to pin a second-degree murder charge on whoever administered or made available the powerful painkiller Diprivan to the King of Pop.

“Michael had a long-term drug habit,” Terry said. “He was no different to a drug addict living in a crack house. What he wanted was served up to him. He didn’t go to the stores to get his fix, it was brought to him. He started in 1984 after he got burned filming that Pepsi advert. But in recent years it spiraled out of control and he was even self-injecting. By the end he knew how to administer these drugs himself as he had so much medical knowledge. Now he’s dead everyone is washing their hands of it. I don’t believe that Michael injected himself in the neck though. The jury is out on everyone in his inner circle. I believe some of them actually got him drugs. These people should be thrown into jail.”

The entire story and video of their interview with Terry at has since been removed.

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