Ava Leigh Busy Writing Songs While Feeling Ill

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@avaleigh) on Monday (December 8), talking about her health, songwriting, and her new single being featured on a popular British soap opera. The reggae pop singer tells readers:

Still feeling pretty ill today! And everyone seems to be getting ill so it’s quite hard to get over it!

I’ve been getting so many messages from people saying they heard my song ‘La La La’ on ‘Eastenders’, and I missed it! But today I happened to have ‘Loose Women’ on, and YES I do like ‘Loose Women sometimes :) And they had a clip from ‘Eastenders’, and it was my song was on the clip! Wahoo! Very exciting! Felt quite weird but in a good way :)

I’ve been writing a lot of lyrics the last few days, and that’s what I’m doing today, it’s so good to have lots of lyric ideas down, so they are there for the future… at the moment I’m trying to get out of the whole rhyming thing a little bit… I LOVE to rhyme (if its in a good way) but sometimes it’s not good if it’s just for the sake of a rhyme, so I’m just trying to write lyrics like a conversation or if I was talking about something with a friend…. Getting back into skating at the moment, there’s really nothing better than having a good skate in winter along the seafront, really warms you up and you get that lovely fresh air at the same time!

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