Avenue Perform Their First Live TV Gig

Scott Clarke of checked in with fans on the British boy band’s blog at MySpace (@avenuegroup) after performing on ITV’s ‘This Morning’. Clarke writes:

Today’s been crazy – we performed on This Morning which was absolutely incredible. It was our first live TV performance so we were obviously bricking it! We got picked up at half seven this morning – ouch! – so we were half dead in the car all the way there. We did the soundcheck at 9ish and then started getting more and more nervous as time went on – not so much worried, more excited. We took loads of photos, including some that Andy took of me and Ross sitting in Fern and Phil’s seats!! We met Lorraine Kelly who was lovely, and Fern and Phil were really, really nice to us too, said they were really pleased for us and that they loved the song and hoped it would do well.

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