Avenue’s ‘Incredible’ Tour With McFly

Jonny Lloyd of checked in with fans on the boy band’s blog at MySpace (@avenuegroup) on Thursday (November 20), with an update from their current tour. Lloyd writes:

We’ve been performing on the tour in Brighton and Cardiff this week which has been incredible. We’ve always dreamed of doing gigs in arenas and now our dreams have come true. We also never imagined we’d be so accepted by the crowds, we thought they’d just be there for McFly, but judging by their reactions and all the banners they’d made, they were there to see us too, which was ace!

The tour’s heading to Nottingham tonight which should be good, then Manchester tomorrow which is Max’s hometown. We’re really looking forward to Manchester as all our families are coming over and we’re having a big house party to celebrate Max’s dads wife’s birthday. Then on Sunday night we’re doing a show in Scotland. It’ll be the first time we’ve stayed at Ross’ house. His family own a sandwich shop which Ross reckons does amazing sandwiches, so we’re dying to put them to the test.

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