Avenue’s Ross Discusses McFly Tour

Ross Candy of Avenue updated fans on the group’s current tour opening for McFly in a posting at their blog at MySpace (@avenuegroup) on Tuesday (November 11). Ross tells readers:

Well the McFly tour so far has been absolutely amazing. The reaction from the audience has just been unbelievable – it’s amazing when the lights go down and everyone screams and then we come on and they start screaming even louder!

The first night we were really nervous, but we just got such a buzz when we came off. A lot of the audience knew ‘Last Goodbye’, so that was great to see them singing along. We watched McFly perform for the first time last night in Belfast – normally we have to go straight off after the show, but we were able to stick around that time, and they thanked us on-stage and we got a massive scream!

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