Avid Merrion Shows Interest In Trousersnake

Comedian and Bo’Selecta star Avid Merrion has revealed an interest in star Justin Timberlake. He told The Sunday Mirror from the MTV Europe Music Awards after party in Edinburgh, “I want to check out Justin’s snake. I know he’s a boy, but he’s worth the wait.”

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5 thoughts on “Avid Merrion Shows Interest In Trousersnake

  1. Lava33 says:

    Who is Avid Merrion? anyway, that is weird, but funny.

  2. XtinaFan says:

    Justin’s not into boys, sorry Avid. Justin is into girls. Cheating and playing girls. F**king and dumping girls. Humiliating girls. Using girls for publicity.

  3. jrtzspecial2 says:

    That’s just SICK!! On the other hand, Justin’s a man…not a boy…I imagine there are a lot of people that would like to check out his ‘snake’.

  4. XtinaFan says:

    LMAO. Justin is too immature to be a man. He’s a boy.

  5. hotstuff says:

    Him and Cameron are engaged…or so I’ve heard.

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