Avriil Lavigne’s ‘Complicated’ Retired On TRL

Contributed Anonymously:

From Avril Music: Avril Lavigne’s first video, “Complicated” officially retired from MTV’s Total Request Live yesterday at #1. Avril’s video has been on the countdown for 50 days and reached #1 nine times. To celebrate the event, the TRL staff was on hand with a plaque and a special montage of Avril TRL moments was shown, including Carson Daly trying to pronounce her name and Avril’s visit to TRL. Avril’s next video, “Sk8er Boi” should be premiering on TRL on August 22nd.

Avril Lavigne Takes A Tumble on Lycos

August 13, 2002 – Contributed Anonymously:

Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears have been battling each other on the Lycos Top 50, and finally someone fell. Britney stayed at the #4 position, while Avril who was #6 last week, fell to #16. Anna Nicole Smith is Britney’s only threat. The full list at Lycos.com has since been removed.

Avril Lavigne Victim Of An Online Poser

August 13, 2002 – Avril Lavigne has gotten a quick lesson in the world of pop star posers as a pop up message upon entering the singer’s official site reads, “I just want all of you guys to know that some idiot out there is posing as me and sending emails to various message boards, dissing my fans and just being a jerk in general. One of the email addresses he/she is using is emailavril@aol.com….but he/she keeps changing them. First of all I don’t have an AOL account and I would never put my name in my email address. And most important I love all my fans. I would never take them for granted or say anything bad about them. Please just ignore this pathetic person out there who has nothing else better to do than sit at home by him/herself and pretend he/she is me… obsessed!”

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4 thoughts on “Avriil Lavigne’s ‘Complicated’ Retired On TRL

  1. Froot_Loop says:


    Just like MTV I too would celebrate that that stupid “real” “Complicated” video isn’t on TRL anymore!!! I mean in that video the so called “skater girl”, doesn’t even skate, she just watches as real skaters do tricks all she does is just use the skate board for like 2 seconds…. what a rip off!

  2. k_yip150 says:

    Who cares. I don’t see people proclaiming other artist’s retirement from TRL, like Michelle, Vanessa, etc…

    TRL is a useless, teenybopper show. I watch it only to watch 2 or so videos, and the guest…sometimes.

  3. Froot_Loop says:

    Yeah, she’s always like “I’m real, I actually do sing, I wear normal clothes, I can skate (well not professionally but i can stand on the skateboard for a record 2 secs without falling off) I write my own music (with the help of professional hit making song writers, well actually I just help out by putting periods and capital letters where they belong in the lyrics) etc etc”…A real non pop act doesn’t have to explain him/her self 24/7 like she does, it seems like that’s all she does in interviews just explain how she´s “different” and “real”, its getting old find something else to talk about.

  4. jimmyp says:

    yeah she’s a dope, she doesn’t even play guitar on her album yet critics say she rocks harder than Michelle Branch. Its ridiculous. and MTV promoted her Rock N Roll Hall of Fame performance as a “Legend in the Making” a Legend already made. I’m like WTF are they smoking?

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