Avril Lavigne Fires Back At Hilary Duff

Avril Lavigne says after her hit debut album in 2002, she read that she was supposedly mad at her fans for dressing like her, she tells Newsweek. “They quoted saying, ‘Avril needs to appreciate her fans more and blah, blah, blah, blah.’ I’m like, excuse me? First off, it’s not even true. I never said that. And second, who the hell cares what she has to say about my fans? Whatever. Hilary Duff’s such a goody-goody, such a mommy’s girl.”

Sessions@AOL Interviews Avril Lavigne

March 12, 2004 – Sessions@AOL interviewed with Avril Lavigne about her new album ‘Under My Skin’, which she says will be more dark and personal than her debut. Lavigne talked about her guitar playing, which will be featured more on her performances going forward. Lavigne also touched on her cover of ‘Fuel’, and the response she got from Metallica. Fellow Canadian gets comparisons to Lavigne, and she says they are friends. Asked who she’d like to play her in a movie, Lavigne picked Brittany Murphy. The end had her do a quick Q&A on one-word preferences, including Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. Video of the interview has since been removed.

Avril Lavigne Plays Show Outside Detroit

March 11, 2004 – An estimated 5,000 at the Somerset Collection in the Detroit suburb of Troy check out the Avril Lavigne Live and By Surprise tour stop on Tuesday (March 9). Billboard’s Gary Graff was in attendance and said, “Judging by the five new songs Lavigne performed, the album has the same crafted, melodic grounding as ‘Let Go’. There was an angsty, lost-love strain running through the punchy set opener ‘He Wasn’t’ and the anthemic ‘My Happy Ending’, boasted the swelling dynamic of a prototypical Nickelback song. ‘Take Me Away’ was another lyrical hand-wringer that swelled into a dramatic chorus, while ‘Nobody’s Home’, which Lavigne wrote with former Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody, had a torchy, darker feel.”

Avril Lavigne’s ‘Don’t Tell Me’ Savaged

Avril Lavigne 'Don't Tell Me' single cover

March 10, 2004 – Chris Dahlen of Pitchforkmedia.com reviewed Avril Lavigne’s new single ‘Don’t Tell Me’, giving it only half a star. He writes, “Avril’s songwriters try hard to make her ‘authentic’, to make you think this really is some girl in detention writing angry words on her sneakers. But the grown-ups are out of their depth on ‘Don’t Tell Me’, a cringeworthy song about how you shouldn’t let boys pressure you into sex.”

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8 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Fires Back At Hilary Duff

  1. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    I don’t like either, but at least Hilary can be a nice role model for young girls. Avril bashes anyone who doesn’t have her opinion-not to mention she’s a hypocrite. And it’s perfectly fine for kids to be ‘mommy’s girls’. Avril is just trying to get more publicity. To bad her 15 minutes were up in 2003.

  2. riley says:

    damn that was harsh!… I feel sorry for Hilary, she’s trying to make peace with Lindsay Lohan and now Avril’s talking junk about her.. but yeah, I still think Hilary’s a better role for younger girls, she’s happy and down to earth but Avril’s always angry and in her own little world.

  3. allyouwanted says:

    I like Avril but she had no right to say that. Hilary Duff is a good role model I guess, because no matter what people say she is still always nice, and that’s being a good person. I think she learned a lot of Lizzie.

  4. blankgirl77 says:

    Avril the hypocrite strikes again. She claims that she never said the comment about her being mad that her fans copied her wardrobe, yet gets mad at Hilary for a quote that Hilary might not have even said either. Avril’s got no room to talk about being a “mommy’s girl”.. She was the little preppy goody two shoes all her life, singing in church, dressing like a little angelic teachers pet prep, and singing country music, living in a strict Christian house where her parents wouldn’t even let her curse. And Hilary is the mommy’s girl? Until Avril’s fake image makeover by the record label, she was the same way. At least Hilary doesn’t claim to write all her music when she didn’t, and says she was a skater in school when the facts show that Avril NEVER dressed like a skater in school. And the lies can go on and on. Its all for publicity because her talentless a*s is out of the spotlight.

  5. ballersfantasy says:

    This is all just another way of getting her name back out there since her album is gonna drop soon. Obviously her 15. min are up, that’s why she’s mall touring. She bashes Britney first, now Hilary. Who’s next? She might also just be crabby since her gf Kelly Osbourne dumped her.

  6. mattychick says:

    I am sick of this I don’t give a if they like each other I really don’t I think Avril is every thing and Duff well she suck so much I mean any 1 I hate her but what every I say Duff should have never said that and Avril well she just being Avril there nothing wrong with that at all I mean I am the same way so if there is a fight then Avril will so win

  7. babidawl says:

    Let’s face it, Avril Lavigne doesn’t have very much real talent.. She’s alright at singing, but she’s no Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston etc. I think those people are the people who deserve recognition for being an artist, a singer. Hilary Duff and Avril Lavigne are just created products.. But that’s alright I suppose. I do like Hilary better but only because she’s more wholesome.. she’s a positive example, and well I’m not so sure Avril is. she always seems to bashing people, she called it weird how people wanna meet her.. things like that. We need more people like Hilary Duff for children/young teens to look up to

  8. Corey Groves says:

    I just wanted to say that Avril Lavigne needs to do the world a favor and drop dead because she doesn’t have the right to be bashing anybody else for no reason. I know that nobody is perfect, but at least Hilary Duff doesn’t flip her middle finger and drop the F bomb to everybody like Avril does. In my personal opinion, I think that Hilary is a perfect model to all of her fans out there, and Avril isn’t. The day that she becomes a, “Rock chick” or a, “Skater chick” who sings and writes Rock music will be the day that pigs fly because she is Pop music artist who sings and writes Pop music,just like Hilary does. She is also a hypocrite who isn’t so hardcore like she thinks she is. End of story.

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