Avril Lavigne Performs And Chats On TRL

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to chat with host Carson Daly and perform her TRL hit ‘Complicated’. Avril addressed her recent quote about Britney Spears, sort of anyways, denying it but not coming off as believable. She then sidestepped Carson’s question on whether she’d ever tour with Spears. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Our guest is 17-year-old sorta punk skate chick plays, sings, writes the whole thing nice to have her, her first time here on TRL, put your hands together jersey for Avril Lavigne. Avril, come on down. A nice standing ovation from our audience here on MTV. Our friends from the neighboring north.


Carson: What’s happenin’? Come stand over here


Carson: I have to apologize first and foremost for butchering your name for the past two months the last months.

Avril: Avril Lavigne.

Carson: Like Advil welcome to TRL.

Avril: Thank you very much.

Carson: We had Sum 41 on the show and they hit it big with their first song and perform on TRL. They had no idea about show and MTV in the United States and how big they had made it do. You have any idea where you are right now and might be big thing for your career?

Avril: Yeah.

Carson: You’ve been told that or know that?

Avril: Yes, TRL’s pretty big.

Carson: You don’t care; right.

Avril: No, of course I care.

Carson: The punk rock one and say screw it. Are you going to break your guitar today?

Avril: I wish, ha-ha.

Carson: So you are 17. When you did move from Canada to New York?

Avril: Uhm, when I was 16 I got signed when I just turned 16 and I moved to Manhattan ‘pretty cool.

Carson: Now with “complicated” this is gigantic D.You have idea? It took off for you.

Avril: I didn’t really know what to expect but I’m happy with what’s happenin’ with it.

Carson: And your album “Let’s go”.

Avril: “Let go”.

Carson: “Let go” sure


Carson: Is the rest of the record like “complicated”.

Avril: I think that’s one of the more like pop tracks on it. There’s more — other songs that are more rockin’ and some that are a bit more punk then there’s more mellower ones, very diverse, shows different sides of me.

Carson: How do you feel about losers like myself in the states that love to lump you into the sort of I don’t know what they have said a new Lilith set group with.

Avril: New Lilith set group?

Carson: With Vanessa’s and all girls writing, happy for that rather than just tracks and stuff like that does it bother you.

Avril: Not really. I mean I understand we’ll get compared to each other because we are all young and we write our own stuff. And play and instrument but I mean, at the same time we are all different like I’m a 17-year-old kid from [Inaudible] Ontario and write about my past experiences whereas Vanessa is 19 and writes about her past experiences and so on, so ….

Carson: Are you angry about anything?

Avril: Angry about anything? What do you mean? Ha-ha.

Carson: Like Britney Spears, let’s say.

Avril: What — I don’t have anything to be at her for.

Carson: Okay we’ll talk about that later on. You know he what I’m gettin’ at we have to disspell rumors that came out more with Avril right.

Avril: Avril.

Carson: There you go everybody she’s here to perform “Complicated” and the rest of your top 10. And a whole lot more. You are watchin’ MTV’s TRL live from the New Jersey shore. We’ll be back right after this:


Carson: Yes. Wha’ssup, homey? My man with the fro right there, he’s chillin’. Put your hands up in the hair, get a shot of you. You ar t the man watchin’ MTV’s TRL live from our beach location for the rest of the
summer here in Seaside Heights New Jersey and people ask us what, you know,
MTV could go anywhere, Hawaii, Bahamas, this is Avril , Lavigne, by the

Avril: Hello.

Carson: We enjoy comin’ down here, the people are real and love havin’ us that’s exactly why we are here


Carson: Heather do you want to stand up? I know you have a question.

Fan: Wha’ssup.

Avril: Hello.

Fan: You in that you have become such a huge celebrity and your song’s so popular has it had any negative effects on your life at all?

Carson: Good question.

Avril: I really don’t think I’m a huge celebrity but this whole fame thing or whatever I mean I think it is really cool. I mean I’m living my dream, I get to go all over the world and, uh, I’m really happy. I’m really excited. I’m doin’ what I love.

Carson: And it is just starting.

Avril: I don’t really feel like there is too much negative stuff, only I miss my family and friends back home and my dog.

Carson: Yeah. What’s your dog’s name?

Avril: Sam a miniature schnauzer.

Carson: This whole than on the internet you hate I’ll read this quote. If you want you can comment on it or do whatever you want with it but here’s what we found would you walk — you talking about Britney would you walk around the street in an [Bleep] Bra, she’s not being up


Carson: End quote. on Britney Spears. What’s the deal?

Avril: I mean, I feel like the press kinda stick words on artist’s mouths I mean like I said I’m different from her.

Carson: You did say she dances like a [Bleep].

Avril: No! I — ha-ha.

Carson: Just a little bit you said that? Look the most successful show in the history of MTV is called the ‘Osbournes’ and they say [Bleep] Every 5 seconds.

Avril: I’m not dissin’ her or any artist I don’t need to do that. She’s doin’ her thing and I’m doin’ my thing and that’s all I have to say


Carson: Your boys over there the band’s got your back.

Avril: Aren’t they hot.

Carson: Would you ever go on tour with Britney.

Avril: Aren’t they hot?

Carson: I think that was a no

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3 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Performs And Chats On TRL

  1. pinkglitters says:

    Avril was lacking highly in the personality department. It was obvious Carson talked ten times more than her to make up for her one-word answers. And when she did respond, she pretty much repeated what Carson asked.

    Her performance was fair, but in my opinion, I don’t think she’ll make it past one single.

  2. musicislife says:

    Oh my god. You think Avril won’t get past one single? Don’t judge people if you haven’t even heard the whole CD. LET GO is one of the best CD’s out since Alanis Morrisette’s JAGGED LITTLE PILL. I don’t even think ‘Complicated’ is one of the best songs on that CD. So shut your mouth and don’t hate.

  3. thalitsa says:

    i love Avril Lavigne

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