Avril Lavigne Previews Abbey Dawn Clothing Line

Avril Lavigne talks fashion and her Abbey Dawn clothing line, making note of her use of denim, studs and skullsIn the latest episode of ‘MySpace Presents: The Fit’, talked about the inspirations behind Abbey Dawn, the Canadian singer/songwriter’s new couture line.

“Denim is an iconic fabric because it can be used in so many different ways, different colors, different cuts, and reflect on people’s own individual style,” Avril said about a fabric that’s used in a line of her clothing line. “I’ve always liked really old, faded jeans and I would take my brother’s old jeans, wear them low because they were too big on me, and I’d cut them off. Two summers later, I’d cut them off shorter as I got older. I’ve always loved jeans because they’re You can rip them, they look cool if they’re faded.”

“I like to mix rock n’ roll stuff like studs and skulls and plaid with more feminine colors like pinks and purples,” Avril said. “My music and my clothes are a reflection of who I am, and it’s been really cool to see that resonate with my fans.”

The episode at MySpace can be viewed below.

The Best Damn Tour Unsigned Band Search

August 8, 2008 – Avril is holding The Best Damn Tour Unsigned Band Search, where the winner will get signed to SonyBMG and open for Avril in China. To enter, bands must create a profile on Trig.com, upload your music and photos, and tell your friends and fans to Trig you and your music. A commercial promoting the contest at Trig.com has since been removed.

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