Avril Lavigne Recalls Performing With Shania Twain

Angela Pacienza of the Canadian Press spoke with who recalled her experience of singing as a child with Shania Twain at a concert in Ottawa. Lavigne had won a radio contest by submitting a track of her singing along with Shania on tape only to do so in real life a few weeks later. “It was the biggest rush of my life,” she admits. “I walked out on stage and I was the happiest person in the world.”

Won’t Wear Clothes She Doesn’t Feel Good About

June 2, 2002 – Tom Harrison of The Vancouver Province interviewed who insists on not sending out mixed messages about who she is, and that includes what she wears. “I won’t wear clothes I don’t feel good about. I tell everybody in a nice way (but) image is very important to me and I don’t want to put out for the cameras and public something that isn’t me.”

Avril Lavigne Loves Hugs

June 1, 2002 – Avril Lavigne posted her first official site journal update on May 27th. Avril said, “I’ve been starting to realize how special fans are lately. I get approached quite often now and am realizing that people do care, and people do want to hear from me. Sweet. I like writing and expressing myself, so this should be fun.” She later added, “You know it’s really cool when people ask for a hug. I love it. Hugs are special. I think they are important. I love hugs!”

Avril Lavigne On TRL Thursday

May 30, 2002 – Avril Lavigne will be on MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday, where she’ll perform ‘Complicated’ and chat with host Carson Daly from the Beach House at Seaside Heights.

Avril Lavigne Video Interviews

May 26, 2002 – Click2Music.ca has a couple of video clips from last month of Avril Lavigne featuring her interview and performance of ‘Complicated’ on KISS 92 in Toronto. On the clip she revealed that she was fired from a chicken restaurant and why. Also, there is a separate Click2Music interview, where she talks about writing and co-writing the lyrics to her songs – and the importance of writing, not just sticking your name on a song as co-writer. The clips at click2music.ca have since been removed.

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