Avril Lavigne Responds To The Critics

Mike Ross of the Edmonton Sun caught up with and asked the singer about the growing backlash against her, including claims that she’s manufactured, and that she’s claiming to be punk when she’s not. “That’s what happens when someone gets really big. Then everyone just tries to bring them down. Second of all, I never, ever claimed to be punk, thank you,” she laughed. “The media labelled me as punk. That was because I was a little teenage girl who came out and wasn’t the typical pop bubblegum little act. So everyone just like decided to label me punk because I was different and I had more of edge. OK, I’m not made up. I write my own songs. I’ve been doing music my whole life. I buy my own clothes. I say what I want. I make my own decisions. People don’t tell me what to do. They don’t tell me where to go. I do what I want to do. That’s bullsh**!”

Avril Lavigne Has Many Aspects To Her Life

April 20, 2003 – The Sunday Mail quotes Avril Lavigne saying, “Skating is just one aspect of my life. I’m also a fisher and a camper.”

Teen’s Dream Tour With Avril Lavigne

April 20, 2003 – The Chicago Daily Herald spoke with 16-year-old Amy Bryniczka, who saw her dream come true when she won MTV’s contest to tour with Avril Lavigne for 5 days. “When I found out I won I was like, no way, you’re joking,” Amy said. “I wanted it so bad.” Six days later, Amy and her dad, Andy, were off to join the European leg of the Lavigne tour. First Milan, then Zurich, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Paris. She says of the Canadian singer, “She’s so different. She’s not like every other Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera out there. The fact that she doesn’t care about what other people think is great. By liking her, maybe it shows I’m the same way. I don’t always want to be the picture perfect person.”

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