Avril Lavigne Video Inspires Kids To Raise Money

St. Catharines Standard reports Avril Lavigne’s latest music video, featuring a cover of the Bob Dylan song ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ and images of Iraqi children, inspired two young Canadian children to raise money for their community. “It showed little pictures (of) little children who don’t have homes and they have to work for the army,” said Abigail Smith, 9, describing the Lavigne video. “They looked upset because they had no parents and no food.” Abigail and her brother Reilly, 7, started a lemonade stand in Port Dalhousie earning $37.30, which they gave to St. Catharines General Hospital.

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7 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne Video Inspires Kids To Raise Money

  1. justanotherbtch says:

    awww that is so cute that those kids did that.

  2. mel_melanie says:

    aw.i bet the video is gonna be good

  3. www-dirrty-rocks-it says:

    omg…that’s awesome! glad the video is doing some positive things instead of inspiring kids to crash some mall LMAO the video itself is actually pretty cheap tho..lol its basically her in studio singing plus various scenes from WorldVision haha

  4. HoneyRain says:

    I can’t stand her music or personality.. but I’m glad she’s inspiring someone other than sk8terboys

  5. breez says:

    really??? Avril Lavigne videos usually inspire me to turn off the tv. and she’s covered ‘knockin on heavens door’? my god when will she quit trying to be hardcore and butchering classic songs. her cover of Metallica’s fuel was pathetic

  6. grprincess says:

    Damn, I thought Avril Lavigne had left already.

  7. mattychick says:

    she rock so much her music rocks and that video is the best

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