Avril Lavigne’s MTV Diary

Contributed by deviance:

I watched Avril Lavigne’s MTV Diary even though I am no longer a fan of hers and to say the least I wasn’t surprised at her attitude and comments towards signing autographs and taking pictures. I’m wondering what she expected in the beginning when she became famous. To have complete privacy? I am so tired of hearing her b*tch and whine over that. She has a life most people only dream of, especially at her age and yet she still complains. How can you complain about people wanting your picture taken with them or your autograph or having children like my daughter for instance, that look up to you. My daughter is 4 years old and knows all her songs and totally admires Avril. I’m only hoping its a phase. But as for Avril, for being as ungrateful to her fans as she has been lately, I only hope her next album suffers the consequences of her mouth.

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8 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne’s MTV Diary

  1. grprincess says:

    I don’t like Avril because she is a hypocrite. She puts other singers down for how they dress etc but she has done the same. Then she lies about dating her band member. And let’s not forget she lied about writing her own songs. That makes her a total phony in my book. Besides no one cares, Avril is old news.

  2. mattychick says:

    dude you rock I am Avril #1 fan and I think she can do what she wants

  3. mattychick says:

    omg how can you say that what r you how would you like it if people always come up to you and r like I want this and you haven’t slept much you are tired I would be the same you should think you know.AV is my world

  4. inurdreams456 says:

    I don’t care who you are. If you’re famous, you should respect the people that gave you that title. I remember before Avril got very famous, I read an article about her, and for some reason I knew that I didn’t like her. Instinct I guess. I never even really gave her a chance, and now I know why. Some people will agree with me, and some people won’t, but my opinion is this…I don’t think her music is anything special. I think her whole attitude/look is *****y and fake. Hearing her live made me cringe. She has no respect for her fans, and I HONESTLY don’t have a clue as to why she still has a single one left. Disagree with me as you probably will, but you’re the one being called a poser by your own idol.

  5. mattychick says:

    what she is so not sleeping with them she may kiss them but not sleep with them and she love her fan so I guess you r not 1 or you would know that

  6. mattychick says:

    I think you r so fring you don’t know what you r talk about you r just jealous of her and + . you just look at her don’t even give her a chance she is sorta nice as long you don’t make her made and what ever

  7. inurdreams456 says:

    Do me a huge favor. Learn to type, then I might be able to take you seriously. Until then, you’re a moron. I can pass judgements on anyone I want, for some reason I knew I had a reason not to like her, and later I found out what those reasons were, I was right for not liking her to begin with. I sensed that she was fake. I was right. If that’s not okay with you, you can kiss my ass, because she doesn’t give a damn about you, just like me.

  8. mattychick says:

    o boo who how a bout she was coming to your kid and this guy/girl came over and said can you sing mian and she said yes and didn’t sing your kide s but she said I noly sing 4 kids so is that far yes how if she only sing 4 older people would you be happy

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