Avril Lavigne’s New Album Shows Maturation

Contributed anonymously:

I spent and hour and some minutes listening to ’s new album ‘Under My Skin’ and I came to a conclusion that Avril Matured so much during the course of her first album to now. Avril’s first CD was a typical pop CD, filled with catchy tunes. This album was very mature lyrics about a boyfriend not understanding her and other boyfriend/girlfriend topics. Together is a great song with a good yet simple chorus. “Together, doesn’t feel right at all, Together, together we been so long, Together, holding hands with love” she screams the lyrics which catches your attention”. The last song ‘Slipped Away’ is a perfect way to end a great album. ‘Take Me Away’ is about a boyfriend who doesn’t care about her. Very good song!

The best track is ‘My Happy Ending’ that song is a great song and is Avril’s second single.

This Album can be heard on MTV.com’s THE LEAK. The album is excellent and WAY different from her first one. Everyone should at least give this CD a chance because everyone will love it.

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