Avril Lavigne’s Refusal To Be A Product Makes Her One

Cynthia Fuchs of PopMatters.com weighed in on Avril Lavigne, and she takes the side that the Canadian singer wants to be anything but a product. “Lavigne looks like the real deal. Her refusal to be a product makes her a wholly stunning product,” Fuchs said. “Shaped and reshaped by Arista’s remarkably expert machine, she remains patient with interviewers who ask the same questions repeatedly, explaining herself — some projected version of herself — again and again. And somewhere, the Anti-Avril is inventing herself in her bedroom.” The entire commentary at popmatters.com has since been removed.

Rocks From Avril Lavigne’s Home Town Up For Bid

January 29, 2003 – An enterprising guy on eBay is selling two rocks from Napanee, Ontario, the home town of Avril Lavigne. rickjc01 says, “These are a pretty unique souvenir of the young star. Anyone can buy a poster or a t-shirt, but how often can you have a little piece of a star’s hometown? Buy now, stock is limited!” He has managed to get a 50 cent bid, but that would make it a $2.50 total with shipping.

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