Avril Lavigne’s Trip To A Britney Spears’ Concert

Atiya Jones from Teen People recently did a short interview with Avril Lavigne. When asked which was the last concert she ever paid to go, Avril answered: “I don’t know if I’ve ever told anyone this, because I’m really embarrassed about it – my mom made me go to a show when I was 12 or 13. I didn’t want to go, but because she was a singer, she was like, ‘You need to see other people perform.’ But my brother enjoyed it.”

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6 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne’s Trip To A Britney Spears’ Concert

  1. realgrprincess says:

    What a coincidence that the last concert was Britney’s. Avril cannot stop taking about Britney. Enough already Avril. You are an obsessed loser.

  2. Killerbee says:

    Seriously the only reason her career started was because of the Britney Backlash back in 2002, if she try and come out from 1999 to 2001 she would have failed miserably. But I do like some of her music, although I hate the way she try and act punk.

  3. galleta says:

    LOL, Avril knows she’s a Britney fan she needs to just admit it , personally neither of them are that great, but Avril always seems to try to come across as this tough chick.

  4. secretball555 says:

    Why is it so “embarrassing” that she went to a Britney show? As if Avril’s shows are anything to brag about. I love how she is like “My mom MADE me go” yeah sure she did. Because we all know how many strict christian mother adore Britney Spears. I bet Avril dragged her mom to one, intending to be the next Britney. Until her label knew that the Britney trend was fading years later, and made up that skater image for Avril to use. I bet she had pictures of Britney all over her room! LOL. OBSESSIVE

  5. maypillow11 says:

    Avril is so damn jealous of Britney. Why can’t she admit that she LIKES her already? She is always talking about her. Like secretball said, why would Avril be so ashamed of going to a Britney concert when Avril cannot sing for her life, cannot play guitar, and her personality/image is all fabricated as well? Avril IS Britney minus the good looks and long success. Avril shows suck so much. She stands there and sings horribly, or she pretends to strum a single chord over and over again, still singing horribly. Must be so memorable.

    Exactly. If the whole Britney Spears wannabe thing was still in, Avril would be one. But because the Britney phase was fading, she was given a fake “rock chick” image that wasn’t her..that still isn’t her. “The anti Britney” was born consequently right after the whole Britney clone phase ended. And her fans STILL don’t get this.

  6. ilovebillhicks says:

    Her parents are conservative Christians that would only let her listen to country and gospel. No way they took her to a Britney concert. Her manager (or old manager, whatever) once said that when she moved out, she didn’t even know the difference between Madonna and Blink 182 so I doubt she knew about Brit back then. Also, has Britney been around that long? I can’t remember.

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