Avril Tries Her Hand At Acting In ‘Nobody’s Home’ Video

MTV News has a preview of Avril Lavigne’s new video for ‘Nobody’s Home’, which features the singer formally dressed and surrounded by a middle-aged orchestra. Avril filmed the video yesterday (July 29) and today in Los Angeles. Interspersed with glimpses of Lavigne performing with chamber musicians in a refined concert hall is footage of Lavigne portraying a down-and-out girl who wastes the day away on the street with her friends, gets strange looks from passersby, shoplifts, and plays music at curbside. Read more.

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5 thoughts on “Avril Tries Her Hand At Acting In ‘Nobody’s Home’ Video

  1. WaneInTheZone says:

    ‘Nobody’s Home’ is an amazing track, I love the line that says…”She can’t find her place, She’s losing her faith, She’s falling from grace…She’s all over the place”.

  2. sugarcultfan says:

    dude, first of all, you wouldn’t know, so stop dissing her and second of all, go play with your fake Louis Vuitton bag your shemale parents bought you. apart from that, Nobody’s Home is really one great song, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the video for it.

  3. squall says:

    Av’s a female rock vocalist who can belt in the 5th octave in a full voice SINGER YES’, ‘she’s able to still use her chest voice up there. I’d say that she knows how to use her voice quite nicely for what she does.

  4. flowergirl223 says:

    Avril has been acting her entire career. She has basically lied about who she is for a good 2 years now. Acting in a video will be a breeze for her. Just do what you do everyday Avril. And you’ll be fine.

    I heard her perform that song and it was bad as it gets. She ONLY sounds high on CD because it is over produced by machines. Her voice is low and requires no ability. Plus with her guitar player constantly screaming over what she is singing its hard to even hear her. It’s probably him you heard, he is better than she is at hitting high notes. Not that her songs ever really require vocal range. Listen to Christina Aguilera, that’s a voice. I don’t like HER, but her voice is incredible and one of a kind. Even Amy lee from evanescence has a great voice. Avril is a single step up from Hilary Duff.

  5. squall says:

    Actually, I know a lot about music. The technical theory of music I have actually studied. Have you? Can you even read music? Anyway, no, she’s not typically off-key at all. Does she have minor “pitchyness” once in a while? Yeah, just like Mariah, Whitney, Celine, Alanis, etc. Out of breath? Not typically, if she didn’t know how to breathe properly she wouldn’t be able to sustain her notes…. which she can. You can have an opinion regarding your taste and say you don’t like her…. but to say that she isn’t a decent vocalist shows that you are bias and probably know nothing about what good vocals consist of. SHUT UP

    I love how all the bops talk about Christina Aguilera as this “incredible vocalist”. She’s good…. but….. I wouldn’t name her when you are trying to name a great vocalist. Have you ever heard Gladys Knight live? Now that woman can sing her a$$ off. Anyway, Avril’s an alto, not everyone needs to be a soprano to be a singer. What variety would we have if everyone had the same vocal range? For what she sings, her voice is great. She also is able to alternate quite nicely between her chest, mask and head voice. The fact that she doesn’t sing everything with the IMPROPER chest and mask registers just means that she’ll save her voice. Also, if you think she is transposing her songs during live performances… you either 1) don’t have good perfect and/or relative pitch or 2) you just don’t know anything about music and just think that a differing texture of voice equates to key changes. I also find it strange that you choose to talk about 2 singers who are pretty terrible with respect to proper vocal technique and say that they are “good”. Amy Lee is going to destroy her voice one day by shouting from her mask. Her singing is the epitome of throaty and it is painful to hear her damage her vocal folds like that. Also, have you heard Amy Lee live? I have and her biggest problem is that she cannot sustain her held notes (pretty much her trademark vocal style). Why? Because she has strained her voice from pushing it from her throat all the time. Check out Going Under at the teen people award show….. DREADFUL. She was inaudible, pitchy, and under supported. Terrible really. Christina is talented.. but her pushing everything from her chest register is 1) getting annoying and 2) the reason why she has vocal problems frequently. She is destroying her voice. Also, I’d like to hear a lot less melisma from her. She needs to listen to the greats like Ms. Etta James, Gladys, Patti, Aretha, etc. Christina can’t touch these ladies of soul. Christina seriously needs to learn a thing or two about riffing because what she is doing is just dreadful. Christina definitely needs to develop a bel canto style to help save her voice…. it’s a shame that she uses it the way she does… it’ll be gone in a few more years. NEXT!

    I’ve heard her do the high parts in both registers and it sounds good.’, ‘By doing it in her head voice during live performances she shows me that she understands that that’s a safer way to do it. It’s much easier sustaining those notes in that register… and also the proper way. However, I’ve also heard her risk it and do it the vocally improper way for the sake of using a more rock-edge vocal style. Wait a minute, do you even know anything about music and vocals? Why do I bother with you idiots?

    Just wondering, all you people who go on about “real” and “fake”…..’, ‘Just a couple questions. 1) how do you know what is fake or real about these people. 2) where did you get your info? implicitly, explicitly? It’s osmoses for all I know. 3) who do you consider “real” in this business? and again, if they are “real” how the hell do you know they are? Do you know them or something? Cool. later!

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