Avril’s Punk Turned Marketing Concept Infuriates Rotten

The idea that punk has been turned into a marketing concept infuriates The Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten, especially faux punks such as Avril Lavigne. However, he is angrier at the machine than the actual artists. “I look at those punks on MTV’s Top 30 or whatever and I feel sad for them,” he tells Glenn Gamboa of Newsday. “They look ridiculous. They are trying to turn a safety pin into an art form, when the reality is that when you don’t know how to sew, how else are you going to keep a sleeve on? I can’t hardly wipe my own bum, I’m hardly something to look up to, so I see these people trying to look like me and I think, ‘You’re nothing but a coat hanger.’ It’s all image to them. You have to earn your wings first.”

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10 thoughts on “Avril’s Punk Turned Marketing Concept Infuriates Rotten

  1. HoneyRain says:

    okay people.. it came right out of an actual punk rocker’s mouth.. Avril’s a poser! sorry to disappoint you fans.

  2. breez says:

    yep I agree. Avril Lavigne is a puppet.

  3. SpiceSquirrel says:

    He speaks the truth! Advil and Kelly have absolutely NO TALENT WHATSOEVER!!

  4. Stallion says:

    Avril is not punk people. If you ask her if she is punk than she will tell you no herself. She doesn’t even like to be put in a punk category she is rock&roll. You can still hate her if you want but even she doesn’t like to be called punk because she never consider herself to be punk. People started calling her punk for no good reason.

    I think it is cool that he is not taking out his anger on the people. I think it is so immature when people take out their anger on people for doing music that they consider to be marketing.

  5. ash6969 says:

    Aww…another jealous has-been (or more accurately, a never was), pissing and moaning about Av’s huge success. Stick a sock in it loser. If your music was any good, maybe you would have had a fraction of Avril’s success. Rock on!

  6. babet says:

    AVRIL HAS FRIGGIN ADMITTED THAT SHE”S NOT PUNK!!! I heard on a muchmusic interview with her that she said that punk was more hardcore compared to her style. its the media that wants to portray her as punk just so they can scrutinize her credibility and drag her down. they always want to do that to rising artists. Avril is more of a pop/rock/punk artist……she’s like a mixture of each.

  7. deadcolour says:

    She isn’t punk or rock..she’s purely pop. She thinks she’s rock, but she’s not. If she’s made it to MTV – she’s pop. “Pop” is short for “popular”..I don’t really think she fits into anything else..maybe pop punk, maybe. Good Charlotte is hardcore compared to her. Not that I’m putting Good Charlotte down, they rock. Avril just doesn’t..have it.

  8. distillertraunt says:

    Your a moron. The Sex Pistols are a very important band. Avril is nothing and never will be anything. You have no idea who you are talking about, I suggest you educate yourself before you speak because you’re looking like a complete and utter retard.

  9. Britney_rocks says:

    I know she’s not punk but she acts like it! and she is not rock&roll that’s Aerosmith not Avril!

  10. Britney_rocks says:

    Avril sucks face it! she says she’s punk but then she says she’s not make up your mind already. sex pistols are awesome! Avril doesn’t even know who they are! that tells something about someone’s music sense.

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