Baby Spice Feels Geri Halliwell Is Disloyal

The Sun spoke with Spice Girl about a reunion with her bandmates but likely won’t include Geri Halliwell. Baby Spice said, “We-ve discussed touring as a four-piece but never getting Geri back for it. I’ve seen Geri a couple of times since she left and everything-s cool now. But I found it really hard when she left. I’m a very loyal person and I just felt she shouldn’t have been so disloyal.”

Baby Spice Sends Home Pic To Mom

November 25, 2001 – The Sun has photos of Baby Spice Emma Bunton performing in front of 100,000 people at the Rumba festival at Sydney Stadium. One of the singer’s aids told the Sun, “Emma has been having an absolute ball in Australia but she is really missing her mum. Pauline usually goes everywhere with Emma but this trip was for too long and was too far away.” Read more.

Baby Spice Says Could Tour Again

November 23, 2001 – Smash Hits magazine spoke with Baby Spice singer Emma Bunton who revealed the group may join together in 2002 to tour again. Bunton said, “We’ve talked about touring again and it’s something we’d really like to do but we have to give each other space to do our solo stuff.”

“It’ll probably be at least another year before it happens. It’ll be an amazing show, with solo stuff, Spice stuff, a really good show.”

Emma Bunton Has No Idea Why Geri Halliwell Pulled Out

November 16, 2001 – The Herald Sun talked with Baby Spice Emma Bunton ahead of her appearance at Rumba this weekend as she explained she doesn’t know why Geri Halliwell didn’t show up. Emma says, “I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. I was so nervous flying here, but Melbourne is such an amazing place. My mum would have killed me if I didn’t come. But I guess you’d have to ask Geri why she isn’t here…” As for splitting up, Emma denied the reports saying, “We’re very, very close friends. People don’t want to be believe that for some reason. It’s like some people want us to split up. Nothing’s planned but we’d like to tour again, make another record. We support each other in everything we do.”

Baby Spice Denies Split Report

November 12, 2001 – reports Spice Girl Emma Bunton is denying reports in The Sun that the group plans on splitting. Baby Spice insists, “No, we’re absolutely not, we’re best friends and we’d love to tour again. We haven’t got any plans as yet but it’s definitely not over.”

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