Baby Spice: Me And Justin Timberlake Had A Bit Of A Kiss

In an interview with GMTV, former Spice Girl revealed kissing star last January and then again at the Rex Cinema and Bar in London in May. “I think the thing is I am a very, very private person. We had a bit of a kiss!” she said.

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7 thoughts on “Baby Spice: Me And Justin Timberlake Had A Bit Of A Kiss

  1. Jive says:

    What a liar. Bet now everyone would say they kissed Justin.

  2. Fashionista says:

    Emma we all know what you want “SOME ATTENTION” you stupid *****. This girl is going down musically, publicly, socially etc, etc, etc… I COULD GO ON. And she believes Justin is gonna get her some recognition. Where have you been Emma, his with Cameron Diaz nobody cares about you or any other Spice Girl!! Get over yourself and realize that YOUR OVER.

  3. XtinaFan says:

    Justin fans in denial are so cute. This won’t get Emma any publicity. It was just posted once, wow. Big publicity. if she wanted PUBLICITY, she would of made up a 10 minute story about fu**ing Justin or something. THAT’S what someone who wanted publicity would do. Not just some little 12-year-old thing “Oh I kissed Justin!” If she had made up a 10 minute story of fu**ing Justin, however, THAT would get her publicity. Because then the media would twist it around, add some details, put it in half a dozen tabloids, etc. (like with a certain story that happened half a year ago, which I’m not going to mention). THAT’s publicity. This story twisted in (at least) half a dozen tabloids, people talking about it CONSTANTLY because it’s such a HUGE THING. Kissing Justin isn’t a huge thing, it won’t get her publicity. HOWEVER, making up a 10 minute story of fu**ing Justin, WILL get her publicity. So obviously they DID kiss. but I guess Emma isn’t a stupid bitch like another certain media whore in a sellout rock band, so she’s not going to make up a story for publicity. She just told the truth – it’s not going to give her much publicity.

  4. fingJTallnightlong says:


  5. XtinaFan says:

    I guess you can’t read….’, ‘I mentioned it would give her a tiny bit of publicity. If she wanted real publicity, she would of made up a 10 minute story, like a certain sellout fatass in a loser rock band.

    obviously if anyone mentions they kissed Justin – true or not – they are going to get publicity. A tiny bit. What she said was true, and she got a bit of publicity for it. But if she REALLY wanted some big publicity, she’d of made a huge story of it. And besides, if she really wanted publicity, she would of used someone else’s name. Like Britney. Anyone that use’s Britney’s name ANYTIME ANYWHERE will get huge publicity. Just look at Justin, Christina, etc.

  6. venus18 says:

    She is a Spice Girl, she needs any publicity she could get. He probably kissed her…’, ‘on the cheek at a party or something stupid like that.

  7. guess says:

    this was said last January. A YEAR AGO. Justin said he’d been with her and she was defending herself. she wouldn’t say it now because both of them are in a relationship. its stupid that this was even posted because its the same post as before and its the same stupid comments just slagging her off and calling her fat. its STUPIDITY. and she isn’t even that fat anymore.

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