Back Off Jennifer Lopez

Contributed by Attitude:

Ok. I just had to post this because I’m really getting annoyed with everyone bashing Jennifer Lopez. Yeah, I know I’m going to get some pissed off people commenting on this but oh well. You people need to get a life. I mean if you believe what the ridiculous stories tabloids say about her, then you are just as ridiculous as they are. Yeah, she’s been married twice and is about to get married again.. SO WHAT? I’m sure a lot of people have gone from relationship to relationship thinking that they’ve found the right one. She is really overexposed and I know people are sick of it. I think that she should try to stay away from the public eye until she needs to for like a premiere or something. But then again if you would just leave her alone and let her do what she wants to do it wouldn’t happen. Yes it’s true she’s no or no Julia Roberts but she’s good. If she wasn’t she wouldn’t be known. Apparently, people must like her if they comment on everything that’s posted about her. It’s plain and simple: If you don’t like her music, don’t buy it, if you don’t like her movies, don’t watch them, if you don’t like her fashion style, don’t wear her clothes.

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10 thoughts on “Back Off Jennifer Lopez

  1. Maddie says:

    Dear Attitude, Is not that there’s anything wrong on being in a relationship…..look at Liz Taylor, she married 8 times!..Julia Roberts has had more boyfriends that I have years!!!, the fact is that J-Lo sugar coats her relationships by making it look ok the fact she has cheated on every guy, and is evident!….AND, is really annoying on how she gets all this undeserved attention/popularity just because of her personal life, it’s not fair to other artist that are busting their asses working and they are barely mentioned or given credit. And the only thing people will remember Jennifer Lopez, is not because she is a great singer/performer (whatever) or the best actress out there, is all due to her relationships and how she intelligently exploits every situation to get attention, and to tell you the truth people are sick of it, just stop going from man to man and do something worth commenting about. Thanks, Love! Maddie

  2. HoneyRain says:

    I’m not pissed at all.. I think Jennifer Lopez is very talented.. she’s proven that time and time again with her movies, fashion, and restaurant.. I’m just a lil skeptical when it comes to her music. she does make good catchy songs.. but let’s be real.. she doesn’t have the best voice.. not even close… RAPPERS can carry a tune and I think if she’s gonna call herself a “singer” she should really SING!

  3. Stallion says:

    Don’t let post or comments get to you on popdirt.

  4. mandarinorange says:

    if you don’t like what people say about her, take your own advise. don’t listen or pay attention to it. you need to simmer down.

  5. Janaya says:

    Funny, when several Mariah fans asked attitude and J.Ho’s other three fans to back off the “Glitter” thing, they wouldn’t. So why should anyone back off this b*tch? She’s not good. The only thing she’s good at is spreading her legs and shaking her silicone-enhanced ass. J.Ho is finally getting her just desserts, and instinct tells me this is only the beginning. Hey attitude, how dare you use J.Ho’s name in the same sentence as Julia Roberts and even Whoriah (I don’t like her anymore but the is GOOD). All you managed to do is get yourself further annoyed. Besides, we all know you’re lopez_lover posing as a new member. You spent several days hyping up “Gigli” and when it tanked, you created a new alias so no one would razz you about it. Pathetic.

  6. grprincess says:

    J.Ho is a talentless slut. There is nothing wrong with getting married more that twice but she is a repeat adulteress. She cheated on her first husband with P.Diddy, she cheated on P. Diddy with Cris Judd, and she cheated on Cris Judd with Affleck. There is a pattern here. She throws away relationships when they are no longer useful to her. Why do you think she left her first husband? To date P.Diddy because he was famous. And the only reason she left P.Diddy was because of his gun charges and that everyone was saying he was giving her a bad rap. Then she left Cris because she finally got a famous white man. And if you believe her bull***** “we were friends first” then you are truly a moron. She was making out with Affleck all over the place two weeks after she got separated. She used her relationship with Ben to get more publicity and kept intentionally trying to get media attention with her shopping sprees and her stupid diamond. Any criticism she gets she brought on herself because she used their relationship for attention. I mean she put Ben in her video! She called the media to photograph her shopping! Then she started making Liz Taylor comparisons. Yeah Julia dated a lot of men, but she did not use her relationships to get attention for her movies she was just living her life. That is the difference. I have no pity for J.Ho because unlike other celebrities she brings it on herself. As for talent I don’t see it. What is her talent other than promotion? Her acting is OK. Her voice sucks big time. She cannot sing at all. Yes she has an ass but she is Latina so I don’t see the big deal. Most black and Latina women have a big ass. The only reason hers gets more attention is because SHE made it an issue. She keeps posing with it out in all her pictures. I saw an early interview of hers when she had done Selena and she said how she was the flygirl with the big ass. Funny thing is most people I knew watched that show and I never heard anything to that effect. She is a media whore that promoted herself to death. She deserves what she gets. People are sick of her. She should just go away.

    True I think it is lopez_lover because she or he has disappeared the last few days. What a coincidence! I don’t particular like or dislike Mariah but people made fun of her for Glitter so J.Ho should get it to. This is J.Ho’s just desserts. She brought it on to herself.

  7. SJ says:

    This is a bunch of BULLSH**. How dare you come out with this post. I agree with you tabloids are full of bullsh**… but when it come’s to J.Lo, the puzzle of it all connects. Her first husband has been bashing her from how much of a ***** she is, to how evil she truly is. Murder Inc. producer Irv Gotti has admitted that Jennifer Lopez did indeed copy Mariah Carey’s music. Why is it that barley people know about this?… I don’t know Her long-time manager to the stars, Benny Medina (the man who led her to fame) has been quoted to saying, Jennifer Lopez is a fake and is very cheesy. How are you not gonna believe this man? Plus add up all the lawsuits she’s going through. She has been sued for copy her perfume name. Shes been sued for copying her “All I Have” with LL Cool J by the original maker of the song. She also been sued for her latest video “I’m Glad” for copyright infringement. WHAT A B*TCH! I Will Never… Buy J.Lo Music. Pay to watch J.Lo Movies. Buy J.Lo Cloths, perfume etc. Eat at her F rated restaurant “Madres”.

  8. MariahsMan says:

    “Yes it’s true she’s no Mariah Carey or no Julia Roberts” Best part of the whole article! I agree about the tabloid thing…tabloids are *****! The reason I don’t like J Lo is simply because she is unoriginal. It’s nothing personal against her…you can’t hold personal grudges against people you’ve never even met! I’m also not too fond of the attitude she gives off sometimes when she’s interviewed. She just seems like she takes things for granted.

  9. EyezCold says:

    What goes around comes around. Now that J-Ho’s movie career is over. I’m waiting for her new CD to flop! “Muhamahahahha” the fat-arse plastic who-re. LOL, Jennifer and Bennifer, lol what a metrosexual Ben is. LOL, There are names for people like J-Lo and they are called Clowns! By the way her new Perfume coming sometime this fall, called “Still Jennifer Lopez” is a ripoff from Jockey. So if you like the smell of Jockey just stick to it. We hate you Jennifer-hopez!!!!!!! Oh yeah I’m so glad Gigli flopped like it deserved.

  10. lopez_lover says:


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