Backlash Follows Shelly Kearns’ Comments

Comments from Christina Aguilera’s mother Shelly Kearns left fans singled out by the star’s mother by name for petitioning the official site’s webmaster have caused a major backlash on Aguilera’s official site with several fansites threatening to pull the plug. ChristinaBlue, singled out by Kearns, insisted e-mails sent to her by Al Gomes were legit and the message headers would prove it. She understandingly added, “I can see why you would believe Al, if he is the one who told you these emails were fake, because you trust him. I would too.”

Following the remarks were the unfortunate news that several Christina fan sites will be closing following the negative comments by Kearns, which she voiced a condescending tone calling those involved “kids” and saying they were “childish” and giving the implication they should “show me appropriate respect simply as an elder.”

Kerbear also told message board readers, “ will most likely be closing shortly. I have supported Christina with a website for 3 years now. I started the site because I talked to Shelly a few times and thought she was incredibly sweet. There doesn’t seem to be a point to run the site any longer after being accused by her own mother of lying.”

The backlash continued with Princess Rachel who griped, “This isn’t ChristinaBlue vs. Shelly and Al. Its Christina’s website vs. her fans, well the ones that are unhappy with the way its being run. I’m just disappointed because Shelly’s post was…well it was annoying. It totally contradicted Christina’s letter to us, and she just made us feel like we weren’t worth the time.”

Probably the most insulting diss from Shelly came via ~CRL~ with Kearns blasting, “CRL who never seems to want to see anything good or right whether it’s there or not, or else some other nonsense will accuse me of something else farfetched on some juvenile hate web site.” The comment caused ~CRL~
to fume, “I was totally dissed in that letter by Shelly as well, funny because I don’t have a super cool fancy Christina site, or anything. – why should I be the scapegoat. I still back the petition one hundred percent. I am shocked at how cruel she was for mentioning names – and scolding individuals.”

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