‘Backstreet Boy Dearest’ It’s Not

Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel caught up with Denise McLean, mother of star AJ McLean, who is out with a book on her son entitled ‘Backstreet Mom’. In the book, McLean talks about AJ’s addiction and the boyband’s troubles with former manager Lou Pearlman. “It was an amazing amount of betrayal,” she said of Pearlman. “It wasn’t even, ‘I’ve been ripped off.’ It was, ‘I’ve been betrayed’.” As for her son’s thoughts about mom doing a tell-all. “Well, we’re very close,” she said. “So I let him help edit.” Read more.

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One thought on “‘Backstreet Boy Dearest’ It’s Not

  1. Minxy says:

    I’m reading that book at the minute and it’s just such an interesting story…I had no idea, they worked so damn hard and how hurt they all were.

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