Backstreet Boys’ Album Is An Abysmal Waste

Contributed anonymously:

Ryan Peterson from Star-Telegram reviewed Backstreet Boys’ new album ‘Never Gone’ giving it a D- grade. Peterson writes: “Mostly, ‘Never Gone’ is an uphill climb, with little to speed it along. Songs such as ‘Crawling Back to You’ have a slow-burn to a gigantic hook. Unfortunately, the sugar has been replaced with aspartame and, like Diet Coke, the substitute’s just not as good. Clearly, the quintet has a lot to offer lyrically. ‘Lose It All’ contains the highly revelatory phrase, ‘If I lose it all, I’d have nothing left to lose.’ Clearly, the band needed some help here. And if they keep putting out albums like ‘Never Gone’, it won’t be long before their fans stay gone.”

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