Backstreet Boys Are Prepared To Sue Jive

Contributed by elgato:

Aura from the Dirty Little Secrets website recently wrote to the Backstreet Boys’ manager Irving Azoff about the statement AJ made saying BSB next album might be their last. Azoff replied to her saying, “This is a very complex situation but I hope one with a happy ending. Bottom line as it is Sunday and I have to go to a family function. All five of them have now agreed to continue as Backstreet. No one has spoken about limiting it to one album or one tour. The intention is to continue in perpetuity if the fans support the band. Whether there will be an album or a tour first depends on the jerks at Jive who are claiming the band should be penalized for late delivery of the next record. Since Jive coerced Nick into a solo album, they couldn’t deliver on time. The music they have worked on without Nick is really promising and Nick will now participate in all of it. Until Brian’s baby is a couple months old and AJ gets married not much will go on. Look for late Spring for the recording or overseas touring to get started. Don’t be surprised if the band have to sue to leave Jive. this helps and thanks for your support.”

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