Backstreet Boys Declared Number 1 Boyband

Contributed by elgato:

The webmaster of says, “I just just finished watching YTV’s “The HitList Special: Top Ten Boybands” and to no one’s surprise, the were number one. took the number two spot. The Backstreet Boys have had a long history with The Hit List. They’ve premiered many a video on that show, including the video for “Get Down” way back in the day (1996). I thought maybe they’d show clips of each boyband, but all they did was show one video from each group. They did give much props to the BSB when they announced they were in the #1 spot saying something to the effect of “The BSB have no doubt made the biggest impact on the Hit List Chart.” Then they closed the show with the video for “I Want It That Way.”” Here’s the full list:

9. SoulDecision.
8. 5ive
7. B4-4
6. Westlife
5. Hanson
3. The Moffats
1. Backstreet Boys

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16 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys Declared Number 1 Boyband

  1. deadcolour says:

    ::cracks up:: Hey, don’t knock cheap Canadian boybands XD You have to give credit to them all just for keeping us amused..or me amused anyway :P They’re funny as hell ::grin:: It makes me want to poke them with a stick until they do tricks .

  2. babet says:

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA. that list has no credibility when it comes to respectful MUSIC. that is the MOST teenybopper-ish music show ever. for heaven’s sake Hanson and the Moffats are on it. Nsync shouldn’t even be on it. They’re way better than that damn show. they made all the bands… BSB/Nsync, look like dorks on that show. that show can degrade anybody….. seriously…..that show is ALL pop. its MOSTLY based around teenybop music.

  3. rachel says:

    So? It doesn’t matter, Boybands are so over. Yeah if O-Town is number 4, it only means the list sucks and its not credible.

  4. popnicklover says:

    babet, you just totally contradicted yourself! You think N Sync is not teenybopper music?! HAHAHAHA! Now THAT’S funny! You’re just mad cause BSB beat out N Sync…admit it. You were excited when N Sync beat out BSB on one of the TRL top ten whatevers…don’t even go there! Don’t act like a damn hypocrite. TRL is the most teenybopper-ish show on TV. Besides, this was the “top ten BOYBANDS”, obviously, you can’t comprehend anything.

  5. elgato says:

    ^ idiots. this is the list of the groups who’ve put out the top videos that make that show. trust me, your favorite artists (Christina, Britney) occasionally have videos on Hitlist too. but this countdown specifically ranked pop groups. and babet, NSYNC does belong on that list. what, you thought they belonged with the Rolling Stones? that idea has already been tried and it didn’t fare so well. Justin’s head is probably still hurt.

  6. babet says:

    have you ever seen the show????? even YOU’LL think its teenybopper-ish. and I admit that back then Nsync were very bubblegum pop-ish. That’s when the show started. but they’ve matured NOW and deserve much love and respect. hitlist is just degrading. for heavens sakes the hosts look like Justin and Britney. not only that… they played ALLL of Aaron’s videos on that show when not even MTV would play them. that list is just stupid. I even feel sorry for BSB because it just makes them the number one bubblegum pop band.

  7. popnicklover says:

    TRL is WORSE…it plays all crap now, plus the fans don’t even get to vote for their favorite videos, it’s all a huge set up. All they ever play is 50, Justin, etc. Could it possibly get any worse?!

  8. babet says:

    elgato that show is all teeny bop music. the hosts look like Justin and Britney for god’s sake. I’m saying the list is not credible. that show is a piece of sh!t, the hosts are corny as sh!t, and you would NEVER catch them playing anything from Dre or Tupac or POD or any hardcore ish. that show is for kids. they worship the ground that Britney walks on….all boy bands…singers like Avril…….all female pop singers…… and they wouldn’t even show the Dirrty video because the show’s target audience are CHILDREN. B4-4 MADE IT??!

  9. Smile says:

    BSB haters are going to take this list a little too seriously. You shouldn’t judge the BSB by just this list. There are a lot of other countdowns they are on that are respected. People just need to calm down.

  10. babet says:

    nonononon. hitlist is THE worst. I doubt they even PLAY 50 cent. they’re obsessed with artists like AVRIL AND BRITNEY, ALL BOYBANDS, and all POP ARTISTS!!!!! lets face it…….you can’t get anymore teenybopper than that. I don’t care what other lists there are…all I know is that this one is pure ISH.

  11. hotstuff says:

    HitList I admit is on the teenybopper side but what videos make the show are decided by the fans, yes some maybe teeny-bopper, but for the most part their TEENS. what artist doesn’t have teen fans, you’d b lying to yourself if you think Bsb, Nsync, Brit, Tina have crossed over into the adult appeal. As they evolve they will gather a new following but expect their main demographic to b the teens 13-18 year olds and there’s nothing wrong with that. BsB are definitely the originals within the pack of boybands (Nsync, Lfo, O-town) and all these guys r from Lou Pearlman, interesting…

  12. rachel says:

    No doubt I think BSB is a tad bit better than Nsync because they are original. This list seem like teenybopper one. They are a lot of boy groups would could surpass the other 8. Otown at 4, are they still even together?

  13. babet says:

    hey. some Canadian boybands are good. and its not just Canadians…its British, American….. in fact…….most boybands that came AFTER Nsync and BSB kinda sucked. (except some. there are some good bands out there….i think.)

  14. blackblue24 says:

    you guys are taking this way to seriously. the list is for fun and based on the groups that had the biggest impact on the Hit List over the last 12 years. The entire premise of the show is the same as TRL except it’s Canadian. And yes, the Hit list does NOT show videos that are too sexually explicit or have too much swearing but it has shown videos from Eminem, Good Charlotte, & Black Eyed Peas. Just because you don’t like the results, don’t diss some thing you’ve probably never watched. Because if you did you’d know that there is only ONE host.

  15. babet says:

    There are two hosts!!!! at least the last time I saw them there were two….but that was a while ago. there’s the curly haired Justin lookalike guy and the blonde Britney lookalike girl. I’ve seen the show when it started to when they got the new TWO hosts….but then I stopped watching it.

  16. Nhu says:

    Look, this is not a stab at the whole Nsync fans vs. BSB fans. so on that note, BSB fans posting here are VERY teenybopperish. The Nsync fans however are much mature and can deal with stuff. except for some NSYNC fans…of the two sides though, BSB fans r very teenybopperish. How many Bop and TeenBeat issues do you own elgato?? I have respect for BSB as much as I dislike their music. I applaud that one BSB member with his foundation for his sister though. I don’t bash on BSB–much– just on their fans. its fans like you, that make Nsync fans like me, diss BSB.

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