Backstreet Boys Fans Disappointed With Fan Club

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Contributed anonymously:

It seems like a trend these days for fan clubs to dissapoint. This is very true for many of the Canadian fans who paid $40 per membership when joining the fan club, Weird World. (

When signing up for membership many fans were enticed by the promising information they read about ticket sales,
*Ticket Statement
When touring, will be selling an allotment of EACH North American show’s tickets directly to their Fan Community members, instead of through a standard ticket distributor. Members of Weird World will be offered these direct sale tickets in advance of the general public.

Does EACH not mean every? This is where the fans outrage has set in… several shows have already sold without presales and several more are scheduled to go on sale in the near future with no available presale either.

Fans have a ten day trial period before canceling their membership but many fans are out of time and feel like they deserve refunds for signing up for an exclusive message board in which no official reps of the boys or even the boys themselves chat on.

Canadian fans paid more than American fans who ALL got presales. The feeling of being ripped off has set in for far too many members of this freshly opened fan community. It doesn’t help that emails are bouncing back when members try to contact any of the administrators for answers either.

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One thought on “Backstreet Boys Fans Disappointed With Fan Club

  1. blueeyes1869 says:

    This is RIDICULOUS! I guess there are bad apples in every tree and I think the BSB fan club certainly got one this time. I am appalled to share the same fan club space with someone who has such jaded views. I am a current fan club member and have been nothing but pleased with the customer service and opportunities offered to me through this GREAT club. I feel that anyone with a problem should re-examine why they joined and possibly re-think their status as a fan. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and this is the case with the person(s) who complained, but so am I – guess it time to call their bluff and let them know that they can’t get away with everything… BE A REAL FAN AND SUPPORT THE ARTIST – DON”T COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT MAY NOT GO YOUR WAY!

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