Backstreet Boys Fans React To Kevin’s PI Appearance

Fans on reacted to Kevin Richardson’s appearance on Politically Incorrect on Monday with Bill Maher. While Kevin made 17 different comments in the show on SUVs, Robert Blake, and the environment according to the transcript, fans groused over the female guests Annabelle Gurwitch and Erin Shannon who dominated the discussion having over 40 comments each. ‘Kev’s Speedo’ blasted, “I wanna smack that Erin Shannon chick.” The comments weren’t much better for guest Robert Conrad (31 comments), as ‘Suej+AJ+Kev’ fumed, “He’s an actor and has been a blow hard for a long time. All he wanted to talk about was HIS 5 grandchildren, HIS 7 daughters, HIS need to own a big car because he lives in the mountains, etc.”

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