Backstreet Boys’ Fiance Catches Him Cheating

The National Enquirer reports called of a planned Valentine’s Day wedding to Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean after she learned the recovering alcoholic was cheating on her with a girl he met at Alcoholics Anonymous. “Sarah began to suspect something less than a month before the wedding,” a close pal revealed. “She did some snooping, checked his phone bills and found that AJ had been seeing ‘this AA chick’ for the past four months!” AJ burst into tears and begged for forgiveness when Sarah confronted him on his cheating, but “Sarah was so angry she called off the wedding,” said the insider. “She took the engagement ring off, threw AJ out of their Malibu house and demanded that a statement go out announcing the wedding was canceled.” Eventually, AJ’s groveling to Sarah got her to agree to see him again, but she still refused to reschedule the wedding. Sarah wants AJ to prove himself over again and take their time before committing to marriage.

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