Backstreet Boys Looking Forward To Working With Clive Davis

Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys

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Howie Dorough spoke with the L.A. Daily News about the state of the Backstreet Boys. He says, “Right now we’re in the studio recording a new album. It should be out by summer, and we’re going on tour around September. Now that Clive Davis is the CEO of BMG, we’ll be working with him and Jive Records. I think he can take us to the next level. He’s got, like, a magic touch, a golden finger. We’ve been fortunate already, and now with him guiding the ship, I think it will be good.”

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13 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys Looking Forward To Working With Clive Davis

  1. Lava33 says:

    The BSB will need “a magic touch” if they ever hope to be successful again. Their so old and most of them are married. Sounds like their new album is gonna suck!

  2. elghato says:

    ^ old? their average age is the same as NSYNC. You say most of them are married. Since when is 2/5 a majority? and you say it sounds like their album will suck. tell me where you got clips from because I know they haven’t released any new material. So screw off.

  3. effingJTallnightlong says:


  4. milasmine says:

    Why is it that people cannot be grown up enough to like both Nick and Justin, as well as their bands…I like both of them, both band have great if not similar music. Justin is just a year younger than Nick and the rest of the guys from both bands are of similar age. So what you are actually saying, as well, is that if *NSYNC were to put out another album, it too would suck because within the next year or so – before an album of theirs would come out-they too would be even older.

    Nsync started in their shadow, and if you were a fan BSB you would know others did want them, but they needed to do another album for Jive records (they were offered upwards of 100,000,000 within and elsewhere). It shows these guys can work things out and let bygones be bygones…also new ownership had taken over- Clive Davis – allowing work to resume without anymore problems. By the way I adore Justin and Nick, my eyes are open, I see both for what they are-extremely talented and charming people…I also adore JC and Brian. By the way JC said Nick’s a great guy. I think he knows him more than you. Why if he does not have a problem with Nick, do you?

  5. elghato says:

    ^you’re an idiot. *NSYNC has all the fools and BSB owe Jive 3 more albums. *NSYNC’s shadow? you mean *NSYNC is in Justine’s shadow and Justine is in BSB’s shadow. and if anyone’s getting sued, it’s Justin for his sissy halftime stunt and *NSYNC for using the n-word and Justin again for beating up and cussing at his own fans

  6. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    A new album can’t sound like it’s gonna suck from a statement. And only teenyboppers are going to stop liking a group because they’re married. And the oldest member is like 33! That’s not old. Chris from *NSYNC is either the same age or older…Go f**k yourself.

    Please *NSYNC’s been in BSB’s shadow from the beginning. And if BSB hadn’t given *NSYNC the shot to be in their Disney special, *NSYNC would be NOWHERE. That’s what you hypocritical fruitcakes don’t seem to understand. Oh, and BTW, go look up the definition of f*** because last time I checked, humans aren’t bundles of twigs. And twigs can’t be ugly. Oh, and I seem to remember that almost every song on *NSYNC’s debut was a remake, while one was on BSBs and they haven’t done one since. AND the fact that Justin couldn’t even produce one album without help (from the Timbaland’s or whoever).

  7. milasmine says:

    Honey, I do blame the fans of both…I am a BSB fan especially, but respect both bands…So I just do not get the idiocy of it all. All I can say is both bands deserve far better fans than most of you. We need both bands to keep the other going and to keep boybandhood alive.

  8. BlueAngel1 says:

    How old is old to you? You say most of them are married. Well there is only 5 member and only two of them are married. Where did you get most of them are married? Now if there were three or four of them married, then I would use the word MOST. What does age have to do with making or writing music?

  9. milasmine says:

    I’m 35 years old (June 15 1968). I have 2 kids (Mia 10, Liam 2) and have been married for 14 years (to Ben). I have been playing the violin since I was 10, and went on to study violin and reading music (composition) after high school at Douglas Collage in BC, Canada. I work part time in a improvisational music school-teaching violin…and we run a monthly indie music mag. (very 2nd hand one, but we like it). I cannot cope with my period very well though, maybe I should continue my education and take that 101.

  10. clayfan says:

    You sound cool. And you’re way too educated to take to heart anything you see posted on Stallion and many others will attack you for your tastes and your opinions, while make sure you listen to theirs and fawn over them. Welcome to, the most annoying site on the Web. But much like a train wreck, I cannot turn away!! I may need a 12-step program!!

  11. milasmine says:

    Thanks, I can read music better than spell…My real problem though is typing too fast and not proof reading ( even though I see you can “preview” here, I should use it.). That is probably why the guys at my work only come to me for ideas for the mag. and not the writing or editing. haha. I will take your advice on stallion. I can’t help it I’m sensitive and too old to be on hear.

  12. clayfan says:

    I, too, am sensitive and old. I like to think of it as “intellectual pride” and “experience.” I have been personally attacked a zillion times here–because my screen name implies, to the immature users here, that the only musical person I like is Clay Aiken. I haven’t bothered to tell them that my screen name is just a screen name, and if they saw my music collection, they’d herald me as a god. Nice to meet you, and I look forward to reading your posts–if you can stand coming back here!

  13. milasmine says:

    I loved watching American Idol with my daughter…Besides loving Kimberly we went for Clay all the way. He is a very talented singer and a very nice person. His rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was amazing!!! If I could have voted I would have voted for him after that song, but being from Canada I could not. I know what you mean about coming here, it gets addictive. It was my daughter who actually got on to this site from her Hilary Duff site, and she came to me and said, “Mom, their are people putting BSB and Nick down”…I came, I saw and I told her that she knew better than to leave her Hilary Duff site, and to never come here again. Nasty people were there. I may be a young mom at heart, but I’m strict about what she is reading and watching. I should be as strict on myself, haha. Nice to meet you too and take care.

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