Backstreet Boys Perform In Sydney

The performed live at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Monday (January 30) in Sydney, Australia. Check out pictures from WireImage.

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3 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys Perform In Sydney

  1. Pheobe says:

    For an encore they’re going to get drunk and high then beat the heck out of all the young girls in the audience.

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    ^^lets see…a year and a half and the SAME tired joke…good thing you’re not in stand up, cause NO ONE would wanna see you anymore. I mean, come on, aren’t you intelligent enough to come up with anything new? I mean, I’ve been around kindergarteners with more brains than you…even THEY come up with better insults and comebacks than you!

    I can’t wait until the Pro Bowl…they are performing the halftime show!! They never give less than their best, and that is why they have had a successful return to the biz. These guys go out and work their asses off to please their fans, and for that, I know the fans are, and will be, eternally greatful. It’s just a damn shame that there are still haters out there who try to take away all they’ve accomplished, and the talent they DO have! Not to mention, they are truely the nicest guys…so genuine, so humble!! It’s a good thing they don’t let the rude, crude comments bother them and affect them…and keep them from doing what they do so very well!! KTBSPA!

  3. galleta says:

    it’s called CLASS, something many entertainers today don’t have but our boys are full’, ‘of both talent and class. And you are right I think they are one of few entertainers that are genuinely humble something i’ve always loved about these guys.

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