Backstreet Boys Release International Tour Dates

Contributed by Smile:

Upon wrapping up the North American leg of the current “Never Gone World Tour”, the will be hitting the following countries: Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, England, Spain, Portugal, and Japan.

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10 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys Release International Tour Dates

  1. Smile says:

    I’m happy for all the fans that get to see them. I’ve been reading on BSB message boards and websites of fans from China, India, and Israel wishing the guys would tour there. They are touring in alot of places, but there are still more people who want to see them. It’s amazing how music has no boundaries. Everyone can relate to it.

  2. embo says:

    Yay! I lurve the bsb!!!!!!! they are soo freakin awesome! I’m going 2 the concert for sure!

  3. Shanice says:

    haha The only tour dates they can sell are at third rate countries. I’m so glad they are over and are plummeting down the billboard charts. Thank god they get absolutely zero radio or tv play!

  4. hooker says:

    my favorite song, from Backstreetboys, is “As Long As You Love Me”, especially the lyrics, “don’t care what is written in your history, as long as you love me baby”, love it, although, I’m not really a hufe fan of Backstreetboys, honest to God. still love my pretty decent latina dancing queen, nothing’s changed, forever, woho!!! swept all one’s pride away, and trembling one’s forgave! afterall, I/she was never a loser, by principles/dignity(morality wise) trust me, remember me in spirit, please.. never, not at all, no matter what others say.

    by the way, that MTV, I think, from what I’m hearing from some press, that organization is so BIAS. all they knew is favor, j-ho, diddy, and others, which is so unfair. come on, let’s be fair, and, not bias to anyone, please. they too, their time will come, someday, trust me.

  5. ClaireMcDonnell says:

    where the hell are you from??’, ‘Third rate countries??? Wow you must be thick! Germany a third rate country!lol.hahahahahaha I am Irish and living in Germany and neither Ireland nor Germany are third rate countries. the German music industry is in the top five music industries of the world!

    Oh I see now you are American!!’, ‘Well I have been to American many times, and the people are usually so nice… but you and your narrow minded views give Americans a bad name, …lol ignorant people like you.

  6. estephania says:

    How can anyone think that the biggest countries in Europe are 3rd rate? STUPID!

  7. nunzillabreathesfire says:

    Yeah…ummm… who IS this chick?!?!?! Was she just trying to write her autobiography or something? I’m as confused as you. HELP.

  8. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I really wish had the time and money to travel to see them in one of these places. I saw them two nights ago….AMAZING!

  9. nicole says:

    hey I was just wondering if the boys could ever come to Utah because I am a HUGE fan and I miss them so it would be really cool if they could come to Utah and perform for us one more time :)

  10. valerie says:

    COME TO UTAH!! huge fan! I have been dying for them to come so pleas PLEASE come to Utah on your next tour…WE LOVE YOU NO MATTER HOW MANY TATTOOS DUIs AND REALITY TV SHOES!

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