Backstreet Boys Still A Guilty Pleasure

Christina Fuoco of liveDaily was on hand for the Backstreet Boys’ concert at Phoenix’s Dodge Theatre on Friday (August 26). Fuoco writes, “…the may have been absent for five years, and they may be gearing their material toward a more mature audience, but they’re still a guilty pleasure.” The full review at has since been removed.

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5 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys Still A Guilty Pleasure

  1. SkItTleZzZ_n_DeLiLah says:

    as long as they’re pleasuring you b*tches, don’t complain. fu*kin b*tches always complaining. sh**. that’s why you get cheated on.

  2. nunzillabreathesfire says:

    was that comment meant for this article? I don’t get itttttttt.

  3. Lorifngus says:

    I am not sure, but that was a crazy comment!

  4. SkItTleZzZ_n_DeLiLah says:

    we-elll…oh forget it. I was drunk.

  5. galleta says:

    Why are they a guilty pleasure? They are a great pleasure, and I disagree about Nick the boy doesn’t seem to like to sing in key. But the others were strong and the concert rocked.

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