Backstreet Boys Still A Guilty Pleasure

Christina Fuoco of liveDaily was on hand for the ’ concert at Phoenix’s Dodge Theatre on Friday (August 26). Fuoco writes, “…the Backstreet Boys may have been absent for five years, and they may be gearing their material toward a more mature audience, but they’re still a guilty pleasure.” The full review at has since been removed.

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5 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys Still A Guilty Pleasure

  1. SkItTleZzZ_n_DeLiLah says:

    as long as they’re pleasuring you b*tches, don’t complain. fu*kin b*tches always complaining. sh**. that’s why you get cheated on.

  2. nunzillabreathesfire says:

    was that comment meant for this article? I don’t get itttttttt.

  3. Lorifngus says:

    I am not sure, but that was a crazy comment!

  4. SkItTleZzZ_n_DeLiLah says:

    we-elll…oh forget it. I was drunk.

  5. galleta says:

    Why are they a guilty pleasure? They are a great pleasure, and I disagree about Nick the boy doesn’t seem to like to sing in key. But the others were strong and the concert rocked.

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