Backstreet Boys Vs. *NSYNC = No Use

Contributed anonymously:

We can’t really evaluate who’s the best between the Backstreet and the because Backstreet is NOT a boy band – which is *NSYNC. It’s like comparing an apple with an orange. It’s a personal choice to decide what you like more: a vocal group or a boy band.

When you look at , you notice that even if they came out during the boy band’s zenith, they have an inexplicable harmony and authenticity which is rare in the boy band area.
Even, if they are five different boys, they have a kind of magic that makes them homogenize their five separate personalities in one enchanting song. They all have their own touch of originality.

On the other hand, *NSYNC looks more entertaining than the Backstreet Boys. Logical, they are a boy band! Entertain (and sell of course) is their main goal.

*NSYNC has been shaped to please the public. Of course, Backstreet Boys too probably have their strategies to let people discover their talent. But contrary to the *NSYNC, they seem less fakes. When you look at , you can really tell that this not the type of guy who is the puppet of his label. The proof: they’re suing Jive.

Backstreet Boys have fight all the time to prove us they are a true vocal group. This is the reason why people always accept the best from them. They worked very hard to acquire a solid reputation. Now it’s done, they don’t earn themselves to an error. They won’t try to use their private life to sell (*cough* “Cry Me A River” *cough*)

Critics will always try to say things like “Howie looks gay”, “AJ is an alcoholic”, “Nick is fat”, “Kevin is boring” or “Now Or Never flopped” but rarely “They sounded very bad in that single.”

To attack the Backstreet Boys, you can’t say that they sing very badly because it will be hard to prove. All their album is meticulously fiddle.
Every single melody is perfect. Vulgarity is the only way haters use to bash the Backstreet.

All that facts prove that the Backstreet Boys is a true vocal group.

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11 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys Vs. *NSYNC = No Use

  1. elgato says:

    How true, BSB critics may make fun of the guys’ personal lives. but they never ever ever say that a BSB album sucks or a BSB song sucks. no critic has ever said they can’t sing. There’s a reason for that.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    I believe both Nsync and BSB are great artist and are great together. Besides, they are both completely different, and at the moment now there isn’t really much to say, they are still the same people they were and have lots of good records to prove that.

  3. JnChrisFan1 says:

    Who the hell wrote this crap, since when did the subject of Backstreet or Nsync come up….and this is just a backstreet groupie that is passing judgments on the groups first of all Backstreet doesn’t have that spark about them that gives them that extra something to pull off what Nsync does that is recognized by all different backgrounds. They are by far not a “boy band” they have broken all barriers and they are talented all around and they absolutely have the vocals I don’t know if you’ve seen them in concert but they sing even better live and they are just not all about dance they aren’t a Britney spears type group that doesn’t sing they actually have the vocals. Backstreet they can sing, but they are not well rounded in all area’s, but the point is to bring up old stuff is just stupid how long ago was this Backstreet vs. Nsync rivalry……JUST ANOTHER OBSESSIVE BACKSTREET FAN TRYING TO START CRAP…..GET READY FOR ALL THE BACK AND FORTH TALK ABOUT THE TWO GROUPS THAT ARE NOT EVEN TOGETHER AT THE MOMENT

  4. SelenaY143 says:

    I agree with whoever submitted this. They are a true vocal group. Suing Jive was a proof that they’re not like “strings-attached groups” like you-know-the-other-band. I’ll bet that majority of people heard them sing a capella more than most musical groups. And to sum it all up: Who has better harmonies than Backstreet Boys? See, now there’s a question to think about, haters.

  5. XtinaFighter says:

    We all know that this is a BSB fan!!! give it up already BSB IS a BOY BAND!!!! no matter how much anyone tries to deny it BSB and NSYNC are boy bands!! and no I am not a hater of either of them I like both NSYNC and BSB!

  6. nsyncgurl11388 says:

    It is obvious that you are a true die hard BSB fan. *NSYNC get more respect from other artist and people in general. they stick together and do not say bad things about each other to the media. they can sing better than BSB, I can say that BSB can sing well, but not better than *NSYNC. *NSYNC has never sounded badly, people have called every member of *NSYNC and BSB gay, people say on the line flopped (which it did, but that’s something else) both are traditionally “boy bands” but have evolved into male vocal groups. every artist out today has a dance to go with there song unless it is like rap, and *NSYNC can dance, and it makes the songs even better. both groups are “great” but PERSONALLY I like NSYNC MORE I think they have more TALENT and a sense for good music, even if you go up to Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones, Eminem, 50 Cent, Carson Daly, or and average person on the street that does not care to much about music they will say that *NSYNC is definitely better than the BSB.

    And no critic has ever said that an *NSYNC album was bad, and *NSYNC sued their company before Jive.

  7. Smile says:

    “To attack the Backstreet Boys, you can’t say that they sing very badly because it will be hard to prove. All their album is meticulously fiddle. Every single melody is perfect. Vulgarity is the only way haters use to bash the Backstreet.” Right on. I couldn’t agree more with that.

  8. popnicklover says:

    Why do you N Sync fans always believe that whenever there’s some positive post about Backstreet on popdirt then it must have been written by elgato?! Seriously, you guys need to get a life and stop hating on him. Why do you hate on elgato so much for liking Backstreet when Stallion is a guy and none of you people bother him for liking N Sync?! Oh, and I totally agree with this. N Sync’s purpose is to sell, while Backstreet shows true talent. In the end, BSB will last longer than N Sync because of this reason alone. I hate to break it to ya, N Sync fans. But it’s the truth.

  9. Stallion says:

    I agree Backstreet Boys purpose is to sell and N’sync are the real deal. Are you people still talking about cry me a river. Justin Timberlake has already moved on. He is on single number five for crying out loud. Rock your Body Where is the love and Senorita were bigger hits than cry me a river. N’sync is the group that made a different unlike the Backstreet Boys. Backstreet Boys can’t change with the time but N’sync can. N’sync has won over the whole industry. Haters can deny it all they want. N’sync has proven to be more than a boyband. How many Boybands has inducted Michael Jackson in to the rock&roll hall of fame or perform with Aerosmith at the Super Bowl or sing live with the Jackson five the Bee Gee gave N’sync props the Rolling Stone invited Justin Timberlake to perform with them. Al Green ask Lance Bass to sing with him. N’sync had cross over success. What N’sync has accomplish it impossible but they did it because people so their true talent

  10. SelenaY143 says:

    ^Basically you’re comparing them both and basically you’re saying, ‘NSYNC is better and are more real, which is not convincing us the least bit since we all know your ideas from the start. That’s basically your opinion but even expressing it in a less aggravating and stupid way, you’re still as shallow as those die-hard Justin Timberlake fans who cannot seem to understand. Let’s just say: NSYNC has sang their songs with an audio recorder for 3/4 of the time in their concerts and Backstreet has sang it without any musical accompaniment as far as showing their complete and best effort into making the best sounds. Now who can top that? Think about it, people.

  11. Kathy says:

    So true! BSB are real singers!

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