Backstreet Boys Working On ‘PDA’ In The Studio

The checked in from the studio, working on a new album, with a video on their YouTube channel. Just back from the South American tour, the guys were still speaking Spanish while recording a song called ‘PDA’. Watch it below.

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3 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys Working On ‘PDA’ In The Studio

  1. Eric says:

    This song sounded awesome. I really hope it makes it on their upcoming album. I hope they finish soon. these guys are amazing.

  2. love BSB says:

    Backstreet Boys, I Love you guys still I am 27 years old been a fan since I was 13. Still listen to your music. AJ I know your going through a tough time right now but just want to let you know to hang in there, put your faith in god and he will help you. I also wrote a song for you A.J. It’s mainly about being there for you as a friend me helping you to pull through. I hope one day I can meet all of you guys if not AJ I would like to meet you one day and give you the song or mail it to your fanmail. I am single and I feel like I do have a lot in common with you AJ. I am into hip hop, alt music, rap, R&B, techno and Latin. And I am also into some Gothic myself. If you guys are reading this BSB I wish one day to meet you guys. AJ if your reading this please know that I think about you and your struggle and hoping we could sit down one day and talk. You guys always put on an awesome show and keep up the good work. I still keep my Backstreet Boys pride alive. The name of the song to AJ is Just to hold you. I also went to your concert in Jax, FL.

  3. LOLS says:

    Lol you’re 27 you sound like a stalker. He wont read that. wow, you wanna be there for him as a friend but you didn’t forget to mention you’re single. lol you are one crazy chick.

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