Backstreet Episode Of Oprah Available For Download

On December 10th, the long-awaited episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show featuring the aired. talked about his drug and alcohol addiction, his childhood, the group, and more. AJ said he abused Jack Daniels, cocaine, sleeping pills, prescription pills, Percocet, ‘shrooms, and other illegal drugs. He said his first time doing drugs was on the night the group shot the video for “The Call.” He also said that the group, for a long time, had no idea about this stuff. AJ overdosed twice; he said his eyes rolled in the back of his head, he had convulsions, and he foamed at the mouth. About 25 minutes into the show, the other four members of the group surprised him in person. Kevin talked about how he had had it and told AJ that he was dead to him. AJ said that Kevin saved his life. Howie talked about how proud of AJ he is. Nick said AJ has given him strength. Brian addressed how God has blessed them all, and he’s glad AJ knows this now. AJ’s mother Denise was also there. Videos and audios of this episode are available for download at

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10 thoughts on “Backstreet Episode Of Oprah Available For Download

  1. Stallion2 says:

    AJ is such a prick he deserve all the bad things that happen to him and more. If you people really want to download five queers on TV than just download and episode of queer eyes for the straight guy.

  2. JiggaWHAT says:

    It was very powerful. even the Nsync fans at the JJB are moved and talking about how they have a newfound respect for all the guys in BSB now. I just knew Brian would be the first to bring up God. gotta love him!

    And BSB will be at the Billboard Awards tonight on Fox. I don’t think they’re presenting but they’ll be in the audience for sure!

  3. nicksniki says:

    omg I just watched it (on tv) and aww my baby nick looks SO cute! and OMG BSB are amazing together I can’t wait till they come out w/the next album!!!!! and I’m so very proud of Alex (AJ) he went thru so much and he’s so strong!! KTBSPA!

  4. Stallion2 says:

    Give me a break people anybody with half a brain knows that this was all a publicity stunt. AJ never did drugs and he never drank a beer he was just doing this because Black&blue sales were down and they were trying to increase it. The same reason why Nick Carter went to jail so he can develop a bad boy image that he was going to use to try and sale his AWFUL album but to bad for him all his fans saw through that FAKE and his album FLOP

  5. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    OMG….You know how long I’ve been waiting to see them all together? It was the most amazing thing I’ve seen in so long! I’m SO happy that the time is finally here! I’ll tell ya, a lot of stuff came out today, and a ton of ***** came BACK to those of us who have seen this from the start…and I’m not saying first hand! From a fan perspective, I think we were all just as worried about Alex as his friends, family, and band brothers!! I’ll NEVER forget that day….when only 4 showed up to TRL! I had to work, but of course I taped TRL and kept record account of their time ON TRL and such…. I got home and asked my sister where they placed, cause that was the ONE day that I forgot to tape it…. And she’s all “Jen, you need to get upstairs and watch the tape…” and I’m like “uh, I didn’t tape it dork” and she’s like “go turn it on….the Boys have an announcement” and I’m like “what?? and she told me that the Boys wanted to tell the fans themselves, and I knew SOMETHING was up…so I hauled it up to my room and turned it on…watched it…bawled like a baby….I was in so much shock…. Today, watching clips, it all came back. That feeling of fear and doubt that we all felt at that time…. So much stuff that I was surprised that I know or remember from the time then and leading up to that…. (like, the fact that I remember they were in Boston when it all came crashing down….. I don’t know who else remembers that, but I sure as hell did!!! The fact that I knew about the pre-tour intervention at AJ’s house….) Then, how happy I am now!! How happy and relieved that he’s ok….. How grateful I am that the Boys got through that time TOGETHER….most groups would have totally split! I learned today what true friendship is…..watching them!! But mainly, I’m SO grateful that they are back!! I mean, for us HUGE fans….who have been waiting for SO long…. Seeing them together today, on that show….. Brian was funny with AJ’s clothes, and the bond that was beaming….you can almost feel it through the TV…. Not only are they back, but they’re BACK!! That tightness that was once there, 1999 and before, it really is back now! I just can’t believe the time is here! I knew it would come….but damn….. I’m getting choked up just thinking about it!

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    So, Nick’s cleaning up his act wanting to get the good image again.. what’s that? Sure, he wants a punk rocker image, but he doesn’t want to be the BAD BOY!

  7. justanotherbtch says:

    Big whoop the Backstreet Boys were on the Oprah show.. soon they are gonna be on VH1’s show where are they now.. we all now they aren’t going to sell CD’s because no one gives a damn about them.

  8. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Judging by what has recently come out of Justin’s mouth, NSYNC will make something before BSB ever does…. WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Nsync are not coming back….and with good reason….THEY SUCK!!! I’d rather listen to nails on a chalkboard!

  9. SelenaY143 says:

    OMG!!! That was great! I wanna see that show again! I couldn’t believe it but when my parents were picking me up from school, my mom just blurted out the news when she saw that the BSB were in the Oprah Winfrey Show! I was just like, “What???? I thought it was gonna air on Dec. 23!” and my mom was just like, “no they were there! AJ was on the show and BSB came in surprised him!” I was really, like it’s not a OH I feel so sorry for AJ, more like unbelievable. He was so strong. I mean, I can’t believe he actually admitted those things. It takes real guts for a person to announce that on world wide television and for AJ to do that, he’s one to be looked up for his great effort. And it was really touching when he said what Kevin really told him. About the “you are dead to me” part, that was really amazing. I’m so proud of AJ. And so proud of the Boys for supporting him! YAY!!! The boys are so much more dedicated and respected as an artist than those loser NSYNC!! And I’m so proud of Nick for FLYING ALL THE WAY FROM LONDON!! WHOO

  10. getalifeyall says:

    Backstreet Boys are the biggest wastes of time ever. I can’t believe how self serving they are, especially AJ. The world revolves around his alcoholism and his drug problems. Boo hoo. What a frickin baby. Why doesn’t he grow up and be a man and handle his self destructive addictions? He’s no better than Whitney Houston. At least when Mariah and Britney needed time off for whatever reasons they had, they took it and didn’t bore us with the pathetic details. AJ just wants sympathy and support for a habit he won’t ever kick. If I made music like BSB does, I’d be on drugs too. Brian is a creepy religious freak. Howie is a groupie and has zero talent of his own. Nick is just a flat out loser. And I don’t know what to make of Kevin. So far he hasn’t embarrassed himself or the group like the rest of the members have. Well, he did wear a dress to an awards show. So never mind, they’re all embarrassments. I give props to Oprah for not putting these losers on in November during sweeps.

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