Backstreet To Tour U.S. This Year, Europe Next Year

Contributed by elghato:

Annie from attended the Kayla Reardon 3rd Annual Bowlathon For “Brian Littrell Healthy Heart Club For Kids” event in Louisville, Kentucky this past Monday. She got to hang out with Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell, his wife Leighanne and son Baylee, Brian’s brother Harold, Kevin Richardson’s mother and grandmother, and other members of the Backstreet family. In her recap she says, “[Brian] asked us when we arrived in Kentucky and how long we’ll stay. So we also talked about the time how long different flights are taking. We asked him about the new BSB album and Brian said that they already have 10 songs recorded, but not all will be on the album, just around 60 %. We also asked him about the promotion tour since there were some rumours that the guys will be in Europe at the end of the year. He said that he doesn’t know any promotion dates yet but they are planning to go on promotion tour in the USA during till November, December is off for vacation and they probably will come to Europe in January till March 2005. Brian also said that Leighanne and Baylee will be on tour with him, but not all the time. It would be too much, especially for the baby. But they will be there different times.”

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