Backstreet’s Back, Alright!

Theresa Cano of the Arizona Republic reviewed the Backstreet Boys’ concert at Dodge Theatre on Friday night (August 26). Cano writes, “Thankfully, the group ditched their cheesy futuristic, padded uniforms of past concerts for a much more stylish, urban look. One thing that the group did retain from previous shows was their well choreographed dance routines. Even though oldest member Richardson is fast approaching 34, the boy band moves still worked in the scheme of the show and drew plenty of delirious screams from the crowd.” The full article at has since been removed.

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9 thoughts on “Backstreet’s Back, Alright!

  1. galleta says:

    LOL….wow it seems like such a crime to get old in this America. Hell Mick Jagger is 60 and he’s still going strong. I’m glad the Boys are older and still going strong good for them. The more stylish urban look was just sloppy, but it fits in with today’s youthful look. But it was a really good concert.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    lol you are so right’, ‘I think the problem with the industry is that we quickly lose faith in artists who are older. Tina Turner was going strong at her 50’s even before she retired, and Cher had an awesome tour that was her best to date, and she is like what, in her late 60’s? But I guess we look down more at artists who are older but aren’t necessarily legends like Mick Jagger and Tina Turner.

  3. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    So why even submit articles? Even if he changes how we say stuff, we should still get credit for bringing the stuff to him.

    Really, REALLY good things make me delirious….like a good orgasm, which is what I’, ‘put this tour on par with!! I got the chills a few times!!!! BY THE WAY….what is the “THEY ARE NOT DATING” supposed to mean? WHO aren’t dating? And I’m asking cause I’m curious, not because I’m a smartass..

    It makes me so sad…..’, ‘Backstreet Boys are more talented than just about anyone out there at the moment…they sing, dance, but most of all, they are just really nice guys who love what they do, and who they do it for. Not to mention the fact that Nick is playing guitar on this tour (which they’ve been slammed for not playing anything…..hypocrites….) I just don’t get it. What really bothers me is that they used to be trashed for not being the way they have become…..and now they get trashed for not being the way they used to be. Just goes to show that they’re not going to EVER please critics no matter what they do. The critics can’t get past the pretty faces and the fact that girls (of all ages) love them.

  4. twistedpsykko says:

    speaking of them, I saw their video yesterday. but for the first minute and a half I didn’t even realize it was them cuz they have mullets. why the hell do they have mullets?

  5. Smile says:

    They were doing a spoof on the 80’s rock bands. lol.

    This was over all a good review. The guys themselves make comments like “we aren’t getting any younger.” The guys joke about their ages all the time. There’s nothing wrong with Kevin being 33. It isn’t like anyone can control their age. Kevin can still perform just as well. He ain’t that old. lol.

  6. twistedpsykko says:

    ah, I see. now everything fits!’, ‘i thought it was one of those videos you’re supposed to watch when you’re on acid or something so you endlessly laugh at it :P but yeah, aaalll of it makes sense, thanks. btw, Nick looks really really….really bad with a mullet.

  7. galleta says:

    it seems the music industry just targets the young, but come one the old timers are the’, ‘greats. I went to Cher’s and Tina’s farewell tours omg… Tina was great in her 50’s and still dancing and showing them legs….lol… and Cher’s concert was mind blowing. She had alot of costume changes….typical of Cher, but she looks great to be close to the age of 60. I’ve even seen the Rolling stones and they are still good. We really should respect the older ones they are the legends.

    ppl try to down play them cause they were supposdely “put together”. So what every group is put together. They were 5 young men that could sing and wanted to sing, whats wrong with that, not to mention they had to work their butts off for the fame they achieved. Also they appealed to females more than males because their songs are love songs for the most part and men feel uncomfortable with anything emotional. BSB were the kind of men girls dream about and men are nervous about that image cause they can’t live up to that image and many men have said BSB have ruined their relationships lol cause their g/f’s want them to be like BSB. Its no difference in men wanting us to be like Britney or someother star they see. Come on Britney is as fake as they come yet the same people dissing the boys who are real by the way love Britney. That in itself tells me those people aren’t judging the Boys on their talent. They are being judged because they don’t have that hard edge about them they sing of love and emotions and men just don’t like that.

    whose young nowadays except Hilary and lindsay, GreenDay are in their 30’s’, ‘coldplay in thier 30’s Madonna in her 50’s mariah in her 30’s come on the boys are no older than any of their colleagues. Madonna still dances in her concerts. The fact that they are men and not singing about hoochie mamas and drugs and not all depressed this makes the critics not like them. I like their music cause its light, its fun and its clean..well for the most part its clean. And their videos are fun and clean as well. And not all depressing and sad. When I listen to music I don’t want to be depressed I would rather listen to something that makes me smile and not cry. Although Siberia is sorta sad….lol

  8. demo2314 says:

    i’m starting to realize that no matter what bsb does, for the good of music, that they won’t get accepted back into the limelight because of what america is………a nation full of discrimination. You have the critics who are always on bsb’z butt, no matter how much success they’ve got, saying that there music is ” cheezy ” and if you come to think of it, if you use the word ” cheezy ” , it is put into terms with the concept of being ” gay “, and that is why u have all these haters on the site that always bash on bsb, because 5 white guys singing together somehow represents being gay? or how does songs that reflect there trail periods become ” cheezy “. or how does songs that u sing to a girl or words you say to a girl like ” i’ll never break your heart ” or ” i’ll go anywhere for you ” or ” I don’t care who you are or where your from, i’ll love you as long as you love me ” become ” cheezy “. ur not gonna go up to a girl and start singing women songs to her, that would be stupid. nobody has the right anyways to bash a SUCCESSFUL artist for any reason, especially music when they’ve sold up to date 76 million copys……..there are only a few groups or solo artist that have sold that many copys, so that puts them in a catagory that deserves respect, not criticim……..but then again this is america where discrimination is at its highest, where people judge others mainly because of believe of others or because there jealious……..america is being unfair to bsb by not giving them a chance to become what they are……..SUCCESSFUL…..but to confuse things even more is why are other countrys giving bsb the respect they deserve, and not there own home……knowing that the fact they were snubbed at the video awards, and weren’t even invited to attend, plus mtv not wanting to play anymore bsb videos because they don’t bsb music coming back, that is discrimination…….MUSIC NEEDS TO CHANGE……not towards punk rock or hip hop but towards music that can influence good………..i want all bsb haters to read this so you can get back at me and tell me ur side of the truth.

  9. nunzillabreathesfire says:

    Honey, I know what you’re saying and agree with a lot of it… but your spelling and grammar is just appalling. You’d get a much more convincing message across if you spelled things correctly and end your love affair with the letter z. * They’ve got –> they have * THERE, THEIR and THEY’RE! Learn the difference. * cheezy? try cheesy. * “It is put into terms with the concept of being “gay””. What the hell do you mean?!?! * u? Come on, we can spell out “you”. It’s not that taxing. * “bash on bsb” –> “bash the bsb” * how does songs –> how DO songs (although the bsb are guilty of the same mistake) * trail periods? what do you mean? * what is a “women song”? * copys –> copies *criticim –> criticism * “where people judge others mainly because of believe of others or because there jealious.” Don’t get me started. * “America is being unfair to bsb by not giving them a chance to become what they are… SUCCESSFUL”. I really, really don’t understand this logic. They can’t become what they are?! If they are something, doesn’t that mean they’ve become it? My head is spinning. * countrys –> countries * knowing that the fact –> knowing the fact. even though it’s an awkward phrase anyways. * “because they don’t bsb music coming back”. HUH? * “can influence good”. GOOD!? yah sounds like a country bumpkin, shugah pie! * “ur side of the truth”. So you’re saying the haters’ side is the truth too? Do you mean “ur side of the story?! GRAMMAR IS COOL! USE IT. And finally: a person can bash a successful artist as much as he or she likes. Everyone has that right. I love the BSB but people are entitled to their own opinion.

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